Should you be wearing white pants this summer? Survey says…

Despite all the rules and regulations governing wearing white pants, we’ve always been of the opinion that when it comes to this topic that there’s really no bad time to wear them. White pants are, in our opinion, seasonally agnostic.

For example.

They’re an optimistic choice in the depressing winter doldrums. They’re as crisp as the springtime air. They can class up a run-of-the-mill fall outfit. And of course, they’re a natural fit for summer, whether that’s at the office, a casual coffee date, or a Friday night happy hour.

And for my money, nothing typifies cool and dapper tailored summer style more than a pair of white cotton pants.

wearing white pants men

wearing white pants men

| WEARING | Suitsupply blazer and pants, Al Bazar shirt, Goorin Bros. hat, Oliver Peoples sunglasses, Rolex watch, To Boot New York loafers | PHOTOGRAPHY | by Rob McIver Photo

Even worn casually (or sharp casually) there’s something refined and elegant about a pair of white cotton pants. Because they look so crisp, make sure that you’re extra detail-oriented when it comes to fit. For me, they look best with a nice taper and absolutely no break.

A cuff on the bottom is a personal preference. I have two pairs of linen pants that have no cuff. I decided to add a two-inch cuff to these to give them more of a sartorial edge and to help distinguish them from a regular pair of cotton chinos.

Remember that one of the best attributes of white pants is that they’re literally a blank canvas. Meaning, they pair well with any color. I’m all about the brown.

wearing white pants men

wearing white pants men

Thanks, as always, for reading. Have a great weekend.

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