Getting real about the excitement (and anxiety) ahead of the shop launch

If you’ve noticed a little inconsistency here on the site that’s inconsistent with what you’ve come to expect from us the past couple of weeks, that’s because we’ve been working quietly behind the scenes for several months on something we’re extremely excited about and proud of.

On September 5th, we’re officially launching the He Spoke Style Shop.

I’ll be detailing a lot more about the shop itself, the products we’ll be carrying and our thought process around the decision to move into this area in two weeks when we actually go live.

But in the meantime, I thought it might be interesting to check in and give you a small behind the scenes glimpse of what we’ve been working on as well as to allow you to hear some of my honest feelings on the highs, lows, anxiety and doubts ahead of launch day.

I thought it was particularly important to share the tough parts of this experience. It would be really easy to pretend that it’s all confidence and swagger, but that’s not reality. Talking with some successful friends who’ve gone down the same path helped me realize that I wasn’t alone in having a little bit of unease and fear. I’m confident that 100% of entrepreneurs feel that at some point in their journeys.

New video style as well. I’m going to continue making “regular” videos, but I’ve been searching for a way to show you more of my life and travels in a way that wouldn’t require a camera crew to follow me around. Plus, because you’re always seeing such a “perfect” and curated version of me here and on Instagram, I honestly want you to know that I’m pretty much a normal dude.

(N.B. If you notice my speech is a little weird, it’s because I had dental surgery about five days prior to filming this.)

So, there it is! Hope you enjoy and follow the prompt below!

Chime in: What kinds of products would you like to see in the HSS Shop? And did you like this style of video?

Thanks for watching.

Stylishly Yours,

Brian Sacawa
He Spoke Style


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