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v neck mens business casual outfits
v neck mens business casual outfits

Must-Have Knitwear: The V-Neck Sweater

October 16th, 2017

There is no man who shouldn’t have a v-neck sweater in their wardrobe

The V-neck sweater, or jumper as they call it in Britain, is essentially identical to a crew neck, except that it cuts down at the neckline into a “V” formation making it far more versatile and a staple in any man’s wardrobe.

The V-neck is one sweater every well-dressed man should have. It is incredibly versatile and can be worn casually with a pair of jeans or it can be dressed up for smart casual days at work with a collared shirt and a tie. It also works very well under a blazer to add that extra layer of warmth and texture.

v neck mens business casual outfits

The V-neck is a great option for all ages and can be used to enhance an otherwise drab outfit. Available in bright colors and various shades, having a few to choose from can turn a regularly-worn outfit into something that looks new and refreshed. Perfect for fall weather when the mornings are cool but afternoons are warm, having a V-neck to pull on can act as an extra layer without the need to trot out your overcoat or jacket.

The only two drawbacks of a V-neck are that, unlike a cardigan, you run the risk of messing up your hair as you pull it over your head, and the sleeves can sometimes be challenging to deal with when wearing it under a blazer. Other than that, so long as it’s a well-made sweater, you shouldn’t have to worry about it losing its shape or causing other issues.

v neck mens business casual outfits

| BRIAN WEARS | HSS x Michael Andrews jacket, J.Crew sweater, Peter Millar shirt, Banana Republic pants, Ralph Lauren tie, Breuer pocket square, Oliver Peoples sunglasses, Rolex watch, Allen Edmonds shoes | PHOTOGRAPHY | by Rob McIver Photo

The sweater, although ideal for all men, is especially useful for the following gentlemen:

Fathers. Being a style-conscious dad is challenging. If you wear a suit to work and have children, sweaters are your saving grace when you’re with the kids. Whether it’s trying to convince your three-year-old he has to put on shoes to go outside in the early morning before work or coming home to hugs from your six-year-old who just ate a cookie, having a V-neck sweater ready to go by the door is like having a bulletproof vest on the battlefield.

Not only will it save your dry-clean only clothes from sticky fingers, but when your kids inevitably spill apple juice, or you get stuck changing an unusually-foul diaper, it acts as that layer of protection keeping your work attire in pristine condition.

As you leave the house for work, hang up the sweater before walking out the door, and when you get home, it’s the first thing you put on before greeting your kids or petting the dog. Think of yourself as a modern, better-dressed version of Mr. Rogers.

v neck mens business casual outfits

Younger and Older Men. For younger men wanting to appear more mature, a v-neck sweater can add a sense of sophistication to your wardrobe.

Surprisingly, the same is true for older gentlemen wanting a more youthful appearance. That salt and pepper hair suddenly looks less like grandpa and more like Richard Gere when you put an amber, green, or heather grey J.Crew V-neck sweater over your OCBD shirt.

For men in the middle range, the sweater is equally charming and can be worn on romantic fall walks with your spouse or casual Fridays planning out the following week of meetings with your team.

v neck mens business casual outfits

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