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Almost everything is better when it’s made in England. Being able to stitch that “Made in England” statement on a tag is about as good as it gets for brands wanting to be taken seriously. The only thing better than that is the iconic Savile Row mark.

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Like many heritage brands, Abbeyhorn is a company that’s steeped in British tradition. For more than 260 years, Abbeyhorn has produced some of the finest horn accessories available around the world. All of the horns used are sourced ethically with the purpose of ensuring an animal’s life is never wasted and instead respected, revered and cherished.

abbeyhorn history

When sourcing its horns, Abbeyhorn focuses on recycling the discarded horns typically sent to landfills by butchers and those in the meat industry. An ecologically ethical product line, Abbeyhorn uses a variety of horns from around the world, but as it is with most luxury brands from England, they only select the very best.

The cow horns used are sourced from cows in Nigeria since domestic cattle in the United Kingdom are purposely bred without the ability to grow horns. The cattle in West Africa, on the other hand, spends its life large pastures, able to roam in wide open fields where their distinctively large horns are free to grow.

abbeyhorn history

When you procure a horn product made from antler, it’s coming from right next door. Abbeyhorn uses the Scottish red deer from the lush and fertile lands occupying Scotland. These large deer shed their antlers which makes it an ideal way to pay homage to such a noble animal. Since Abbeyhorn is in the business of ensuring no animal goes to waste, they also use the bone from the deer.

abbeyhorn history

This isn’t all Abbeyhorn uses. Since so many of their customers value unique products, the heritage maker hand-selects horns from buffalo as far away as India, and shin bones from cows in China. Ram’s horn is another popular product amongst their discerning clientele. Selected from rams in Cumbria, Abbeyhorn is truly the definition of a global company still working with the same methodology first used back in 1749.

abbeyhorn history

From combs and key rings to shaving brushes and shoehorns, the products handcrafted by Abbeyhorn are arguably some of the best horn accessories in the world.

In addition to crafting accessories of the highest quality, Abbeyhorn has done another thing the same as they always have; they offer their products at reasonable prices. In fact, the prices are so reasonable; it makes one wonder how and why competing companies with lower-quality and mass-produced products can stay in business charging significantly higher price points for similar but inferior products.

abbeyhorn history

Regardless of what you procure from Abbeyhorn, one thing is certain. You will receive an heirloom-quality accessory that, if cared for, will last for generations to come. This is just one of the reasons we’ve partnered with Abbeyhorn to bring our readers the very best travel shoehorn, wardrobe shoehorn, clothes brush and dressing comb money can buy.

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