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10 Things To Start Your Monday

June 20th, 2016

Sales, street style, suits and sex positions

Because last week was filled with many, many emotions and trying to speak/rant about the events here would not do them justice, I’m instead choosing to focus on light-hearted stories, links and such that bring me – and hopefully you – to a happier place.

As you probably already know, Pitti took place last week. While Brian will be rounding up all of the trends (and horror) that walked the streets of Florence, filmmaker Aaron Christian created an extremely entertaining mockumentary, The Life of the Pitti Peacocks, that positions the peacock through the tonality of a National Geographic show. If you need a good laugh today, this is it.

London Men’s Fashion Week also happened, in which three-piece suits and double-breasted blazers kept this city’s rank – in my eyes at least – as the one to beat in genuine street style.

We’ve said it before, but how you travel definitely reflects (and enhances) your style.

The internet got artistic with the Queen last week. Lesson: don’t wear clothes that look like a green screen.

If you’re not sure how to update your suit for summer, GQ has 19 unique ways to do so. Or, just do as Brian does and use your waist coat to create a “sleeveless” summer suit.

All those articles we’ve read were lies! Apparently there are really only six sex positions between a man and a women?

Please tell me one of you also spent 12.5 hours this weekend binge watching the entire OITNB Season 4? Because this season was exceptionally good.

This is the time of year that designer goods are more attainable. Before they make room for pre-season fall clothes (yes, that is going to happen very soon) most department stores cut designer shoes and clothes at least 50-60% off.

If you can’t make it in store (could be a better selection depending on your city), do some digging online and definitely start with shoes:

Saks Fifth Avenue
Mr. Porter
Brooks Brothers

Tell us your best sale finds in the comments below! It’s my favorite kind of story-telling.

Stylishly Yours,

Robin West
He Spoke Style

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