But if you’re desperately in need of a Coachella-cleanse, this post’s for you.

Tired of all the flower power, too short-shorts and Jesus sandals – and yes, we’re talking about men – filling up your social feeds? Personally, our eyes got really sore from all of the rolling they did this weekend and articles like these can be blamed.

He Spoke Festival Style? Not gonna happen.

So, let’s consider this week’s roundup a detox to bring you – and us – to a happier place.

I’m gonna be honest. I would have the same reaction as this grandma in a self-driving car. Hence, why I left the active cruise control driving up to Brian and Rob in Europe last year.

Fun fact: the water you drink is older than the planet you’re on.

Who would you rather: Coachella or Berniechella?

Don’t forget to file your taxes today! Once you do, check out our guide on what to blow spend your refund on.

This video shows the progression, or carefully connected, beginning and end to many of your favorite TV series.

A group of craftsmen are highlighting a nicely curated spring collection over at Bloomingdale’s. We’re especially coveting Thomas Callahan’s Vince Bomber.

Speaking of bombers for spring . . . how about some more?

The future of going to the movies? Everyone texting, apparently.

Question of the week: Can fashion be art?

Researchers are still testing just how bad the double-dip really is. Seriously, don’t do it with salsa.

I’ve never seen a cat not be afraid of a vacuum cleaner – until this.

Thanks for reading.

Stylishly Yours,

Robin West
He Spoke Style

Featured photo via We The People Style.


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