The Hidden Knot

Brian Sacawa

Scarves come in a variety of lengths, which is why it’s good to know a few different ways to tie them. What works for a short scarf won’t necessarily work for a long one and vice versa. While there are a few ways to tie a long scarf–the Parisian knot is always a good choice—here’s one way that’s been a favorite of mine this winter.

How To Tie a Long Scarf - He Spoke Style

I call this scarf knot, The Hidden Knot. I like to use it with a long scarf–the one I’m wearing is six feet long—that has a nice pattern I don’t want to hide or interrupt with a visible knot or fold. It works great when you want to wear a longer scarf with a shorter coat.

Start by draping the scarf around your neck with one end falling at, or just above, your waistline. Next, take the long end and wrap around your neck once, not too tight and not too loose. Take the end you just wrapped around your neck and pull it through the loop you created. This will keep the wrap around very clean looking. Finally, tie a single knot—like the first knot you make when tying your shoe laces—with the two loose ends. Tighten this close to your neck so you can tuck it under the loop. Pull the loop over the knot and arrange the scarf how you like.

How To Tie a Long Scarf - He Spoke Style

How To Tie a Long Scarf - He Spoke Style

How To Tie a Long Scarf - He Spoke Style

This Look: Coat by Tokyo Laundry (similar here and here) – Sweater c/o Reiss – Selvedge denim jeans by A.P.C. (New Standard) – Scarf c/o Vince (Now 70% off) – Belt c/o Banana Republic – Gloves by Brooks Brothers (similar here) – Watch by Timex – Wingtip dress boots c/o Allen Edmonds (Dalton)

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Photography by Rob McIver Photo.


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