Interesting fact: High West is the first distillery to open in Utah since prohibition. So how do you take a chance like that and then double down on it? Offer something new and unique in a quickly crowding market. In this episode of The Whiskey Room, we try out a unique rye blend: High West Double Rye.

The Story

Forget the negative connotations of the word “blend” when it comes to American whiskey. In the fast evolving whiskey landscape, former biochemist David Perkins, is making a strong stand with a unique portfolio of blended American spirits. While we haven’t met David, we picture him to be a modern-day obsessive alchemist striving for the perfect, universal elixir.

The Whiskey

Our experiences with well-aged rye whiskey have been hit or miss. While we loved the Willett 2 Year, we both found the seven year expression lacking. Sometimes it seems that aging rye for an extended period of time can smooth over many of the spirit’s outspoken characteristics.

However, blending a younger rye whiskey with an older one, as High West has done here with their Double Rye, is a perfect way to add depth and character. The most interesting quality of this whiskey is the way it transforms on your palate. Starts like a bourbon, finishes like a rye. Some flavors we got were white chocolate, cocoa, and woody vanilla.

The Verdict

We’ve been impressed with much of the High West product line. The decent price point and crafty blending makes for a unique whiskey that satisfies the discerning palate. Whatever creative concoction David comes up with next will be worth sampling. Keep pushing the envelope, we’re in.

Have you tried High West Double Rye? Let us know what you thought in the comments.

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