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A Christmas Cocktail From Gary Harrison

December 14th, 2023

And A Favorite Christmas Movie

Sometimes cocktails happen just because you taste something and know immediately what will make it better: 1/3 Grand Marnier with 2/3 Rosé Champagne (and, if I had it, a slice of grapefruit peel, or perhaps even better a dehydrated half slice – a dash of tonic sufficed here on the second).

It was whilst drinking this and considering what to watch on this Christmas evening that — after, discounting Metropolitan because I’ve watched it twice already, Trading Places, because I’ve watched it once, and then considering Die Hard (which is a favorite) — I realized that “Eyes Wide Shut” is actually my favorite Christmas film ever. So much so that I’m sitting watching it with my eleven year old daughter.

Part of me hopes that she’s going to end up making movies like Sofia Coppola, if nothing else, however, I hope she’ll just think twice before going to pseudo-religious sex parties that require passwords upon entry . . .

On the cocktail – it tastes like a Cosmopolitan with a pulse. Given the Sofia Coppola connection combined with the obvious decadence and coloring too I’m calling it a Marie Antoinette until corrected.

Stylishly Yours,

Gary Harrison

Gary Harrison lives with his wife, five children and Labrador retriever outside of London. Gary has been helping people live better lives for over twenty years: Professionally, he is a leading expert in the field of home-technology, and has been consulted on by globally renowned figures of finance, business and entertainment for the design of many of the world’s most notable homes, hotels and superyachts. Gary’s personal interest in men’s lifestyle has resulted in his writing and photography being featured by publishing notables such as Matt Hranek, Yolanda Edwards and Michael Williams. He can be regularly found dining at The Wolseley, and drinking at Dukes Bar where he has been known to exceed the two martini limit.

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When I decided to add a black basket weave sport coat to our fall and winter collection this year, I couldn’t help but think back to the beginning of my journey here on HSS. Die hard readers will recall that one of our very first — if not the first — one piece, many ways posts ever done on these pages was a with a black three-piece suit.

Let’s just unpack that for a moment.

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