A masterclass on how to dress well via Manolo Sweden’s Executive Editor

Andreas Weinås is the impeccably dressed Executive Editor of Manolo Sweden, the largest Swedish website focused on menswear. He’s also got an Instagram page that is worthy of extra envy. Talk about a style brother from another mother.

Here are just 15 takeaways from Andreas’s exquisitely rakish style.

Rule No. 1:

A turtleneck with a suit in place of a button-up shirt is a sartorial power move. And so is dressing monochromatically. Do both at the same time to make a big statement and win at style.

Rule No. 2:

Know how to appreciate classic timepieces.

Rule No. 3:

It’s okay if the skinny end of your tie is a little longer than the wide end.

Rule No. 4:

Own at least one killer pair of suede loafers.

Rule No. 5:

Practice versatility liberally.

Rule No. 6:

Put your own spin on the classic power suit and tie.

Rule No. 7:

Understand the meaning of Black Tie and Creative Black Tie, and know how to execute both flawlessly.

Rule No. 8:

Dark green is the classic gentleman’s “fun” color.

Rule No. 9:

Temper the formality of a blazer/tie/pants combo with a denim shirt.

Rule No. 10:

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Casual doesn’t mean sloppy. Elevate your casual style with a suede jacket.

Rule No. 11:

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Choose a pant break that fits your body.

Rule No. 12:

Show that you know the principles of pattern mixing.

Rule No. 13

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Own at least one pair of dress boots. Bonus points if they’re suede.

Rule No. 14:

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Always wear seasonal fabrics.

Rule No. 15:

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Like we were saying about iconic watches…

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