Lighten Up: White Denim for Winter

| WEARING | Banana Republic coat, Brooks Brothers shirt, J.Crew jeans, Belt c/o Allen Edmonds, To Boot New York shoes | PHOTOGRAPHY | by Rob McIver Photo

Winter weather has a tendency to depress, which is reflected in the dark colors many of us gravitate towards during the colder months. Black, greys, dark blues. It’s natural. Style is a way to express a mood. One of my New Year’s resolutions was to be a little more upbeat about certain things, which is maybe why I’ve been wearing white denim so often this winter.

Winter White Denim - He Spoke Style

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The best thing about white is that it’s the ultimate neutral. It works with any color and makes it extremely seasonally versatile. A natural fit for summer, but I’d argue that white denim is just as at home during the wintertime.

White denim looks crisp and clean. Make sure the fit reflects that. Slim – not skinny – tapered, and little to no break.

If you wear a pair of white jeans, they will get dirty. There’s no way around it. Plan to wash them more often than your regular blue jeans. I like to have a stain removing gel on hand at home for when the inevitable occurs. And if you’re going out to eat, I recommending taking one of these along. Even if you never spill anything on yourself, trust me, you will if you’re wearing white. And it’s better to to be prepared than to have a stain set in.

Winter White Denim - He Spoke Style

Winter White Denim - He Spoke Style

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  • Ben Heath

    Not just for Miami? Great combination of lighter shades! I’d usually avoid these in the dark winter months but you may have converted me here.

    Ben |

  • Tom

    Great look today! Emboldened by your post, I broke out my white denim for the coldest day in the past 3 years here Down South. Tan Suede Chukkas, a red/white tattersal button-down, and an evergreen merino v-neck sweater – comfy for a cold day. My leather overcoat on top sure helped, though! 11 degrees this morning….

    Of course, I got a few “You can’t wear white after Labour Day” comments, but one female friend telling me “That rule is so 1985, get with it folks… 2015!” Personally, I just liked your idea of let’s brighten up a miserable day :)


  • Seth Nelson

    Excellent look! And like your Take Fall By Surprise and Holidays In Black And Gray pieces, it is a good reminder to not get stuck in a seasonal rut, or be forced into a box. Your appreciation for the classics appeals to me, as does your willingness to bend the rules. I have enjoyed catching up reading your blog, and it has inspired me to experiment in a variety of ways. Keep up the great work!