Life’s Good When Your Clothing is Steamed!

Staying neat and pressed (and on task!) with the new LG Styler

Time is something that I desperately wish I had more of. There really aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish all that I’d like to, or to put it more accurately, all that I have to. I love keeping busy, but I often overload my schedule to the point where I begin to neglect some basic tasks.

Sometimes taking my own advice doesn’t even work.

When there are things that need to be done, they need to get done. Often this is at the expense of cooking a proper meal or bringing the boxes that have been piling up near the front door down to the recycling bin, unloading the dryer or taking my suits or blazers to the dry cleaners. I’m human, after all, and there’s only so much I’m capable of.

lg styler steam closet review

lg styler steam closet review

Keeping my clothes clean and pressed, however, is important to me. And not just for the sake of the site and our content!

Being neat and put-together is a key component of my personal style – and living space, as you can see – and if I don’t have that kind of order in my life, I tend to get very stressed out.

So I was more than excited to have the opportunity to integrate the LG Styler into my routine.

lg styler steam closet review

Steaming my clothing is something I’ve done for many years. I actually prefer it to ironing. And while steaming a garment manually doesn’t take a ton of time, it does, nonetheless, take time. Plus, with a manual steamer, I’m only able to do one piece at time.

And when time is at a premium, which it usually is in our household, I often don’t have even 15 minutes to spare to get my suit and shirt ready before heading out to dinner or an event.

I love the LG Styler because it allows me to multitask and can even work quietly overnight if I’ve got an early morning ahead of me with only minutes to shower and make an espresso but still need to have my clothes ready to go. Let’s talk about some of the best features.

lg styler steam closet review

TrueSteam™ Technology. With a simple touch of a button, hot steam is employed to gently sanitize your clothing. This technology works to refresh and remove both wrinkles and odors from clothing as well.

Odor Removal. The LG Styler uses steam and aroma sheets to help remove unpleasant odors left behind by smoke, food and perspiration. It’s important to note that I personally don’t care for scents when it comes to detergent or dryer sheets, but I find the light scent from the Styler to be very pleasant. It smells crisp and clean and is anything but overpowering.

lg styler steam closet review

lg styler steam closet review

Quick Refresh. This is the feature I use most often. It makes my clothing look, feel and smell fresh quickly. You can set it for a couple of different duration, but the shortest cycle (20 minutes) is often enough for me. During the cycle, Moving Hanger Action gently shakes your clothes after they have been steamed and de-wrinkles them.

Easy Pants Crease Care. All I can say about this feature is that it is absolutely amazing. I’d even go so far as to call it life-changing. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t set my expectations too high when trying it for the first time, but wow.

I find ironing my pants to be a laborious process and I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve double-creased them. And while a manual steamer is great, it doesn’t allow you to produce a crisp crease.

The LG Styler includes a special compartment in the door that helps restore the crease while reducing wrinkles at the knee, waist and everywhere else your pants can wrinkle. In this respect, the LG Styler is one of the best clothing care appliances I’ve ever used.

lg styler steam closet review

Drying. A built-in heat-pump system generates warm air and maintains it at a low temperature to keep clothing from shrinking or being damaged while drying. I air dry my dress shirts and pants all the time. And since I often do my laundry right before going to bed, they’re not dry in the morning.

I’ve gotten into the habit of putting dress shirts – the LG Styler will fit up to three of them at once – in before going to bed so they’re dry, steamed and wrinkle-free for me in the morning.

lg styler steam closet review

Beyond all of its features, the LG Styler is just an all-around great looking machine. It integrates seamlessly into our bedroom though once we make the permanent move to our office, it’s going to be built in to our walk-in styling closet.

lg styler steam closet review

What do you think? Is the LG Styler something you could use? Chime in below!

Thanks for reading.

Stylishly Yours,

Brian Sacawa
He Spoke Style

Photography by Rob McIver Photo

This post is sponsored by LG Electronics. The opinions expressed herein are mine alone and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of LG Electronics.


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  • markuskonow

    Do you have any before/after pictures so that we can see how it handles wrinkles and such on your shirts? Thanks in advance!

    • Brian Sacawa

      Unfortunately not. I wish I had taken some before and after shots of the three blazers I just traveled with for the past two weeks. As I mentioned to DJ, it did an absolutely amazing job making them look like they’d just come back from the dry cleaner.

  • August

    Nice one ! Thumbs up for title haha – evolve your style with a regularly updated selection of outfits from a menswear personal shopper.

  • DJ Hargrave

    This is some next level blogger/gentleman technology, ha! Love it though

    DJ | Tailor Made Style

    • Brian Sacawa

      Oh, definitely. I can’t tell you how much time (and money) it saves me. Traveling as much as I do, I rarely have time to get to the dry cleaners and when I take a few blazers out of a suitcase or duffle, the Styler does an absolutely amazing job of making everything look fresh.

      Have to say that one of the best features is the pants crease function. I don’t mind ironing, but I have a tendency to double-crease my pants when I do that. Plus, the Styler gets it really, really crisp.

  • Michael

    I must admit, it looks really cool and I’d love to have something like this in my house, but for $1,600 I just don’t see it adding enough value to justify spending so much money. Even if I had that kind of money, it’s almost the cost of a bespoke suit and as cool as this steamer looks, I think I’d take the suit.

    • Brian Sacawa

      Hi, Michael. Yes, this product is definitely aimed at the type of consumer who has money for it. We’re really thrilled to be able to install it in the “styling closet” of our new office/studio.

  • Johnny

    To have this “want” product rather than a “needs” product, I think it’s well worth the $1600. To me, convenience of having whatever clothes I have in my closet whenever I need to have it ready, is unprecedented convenience that I think this product can provide me. Thank you Brian for introducing me to the styler! :D

    • Brian Sacawa

      You’re certainly welcome! Thanks for chiming in.