Simple Advice for Styling Patterned Pants

You may have caught on by now that I’m a big supporter of breaking suits up and wearing each piece separately and/or in different combinations. Versatility is a core value of HSS and it’s one we’ve been preaching from the beginning.

You may have also caught on – or remembered me mentioning it before – that we’ve been showcasing ways to wear a winter wool houndstooth suit. Up next, pants separate.

mens houndstooth dress pants

Breaking up a suit and styling it as separates can be somewhat tricky. Pay special attention and make sure that the fabrics you’re mixing play well together. Nailhead isn’t going to work with tweed. And even if two pieces the same fabric family – wool, for example – one could be shiny while the other could be more muted.

mens houndstooth dress pants

| WEARING | Daniele Alessandrini coat, Al Bazar blazer and shirt, QG Custom pants, Brooks Brothers tie, Beams Plus scarf, Rolex watch, Tateossian and Cantini MC Firenze bracelets, Shoes c/o Coach | PHOTOGRAPHY | by Rob McIver Photo

It can take a little time to curate your wardrobe to the point where pieces from a few different suits can be swapped between themselves. However, it’s worth the thought and planning. The “mixed three-piece suit” has been something I’ve been hot on this season.

A pattern can also complicate matters, especially when that pattern is in the pants. Unless you want to engage in some advanced pattern mixing, a good rule of thumb is as follows: patterned blazer, solid pants; or solid blazer, patterned pants, like I’ve done here. The smaller the pattern, the easier it will feel to pull off.

mens houndstooth dress pants

During the fall and winter, a silk scarf is always a good way to add some style and class to any look with a blazer.

mens houndstooth dress pants

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  • Jason Glassman

    Do you find it’s usually a bad move to mix a fabric with a sheen and one that’s more muted? Or just something to be considerate of? I’m thinking of mixing my shiny navy (not sharkskin shiny!) wool with a brown wool/cashmere blended fabric similar to your DB jacket. …Risky? Thanks for the great blog, btw.

    • Brian Sacawa

      I would lean towards no. But, then again, I can’t see the pants you’re talking about. In any kind of situation like this, my advice is to go by whether or not it looks right together. If so, then go for it. But if it doesn’t, or you’re a little uneasy about it, then don’t do it. Hope that helps, Jason. Thanks for reading.

  • Byron Lee

    I love the pants and coat! Even though, they don’t look so warm for snowy days. but Love it, all together it looks completely AMAZING and like something I could never pull off.

  • DJ

    I feel like solid blazer and patterned pants is a much better combination. Great looks!

    DJ | Menswear & Personal Development


    I like the look but, I think patterned pants are hard to pull off on myself. It takes someone with a unique style to pull it off in my opinion.