How To Wear an Ascot

I’ve had a lot of people tell me that although they like the look of an ascot or a silk scarf, there’s absolutely no way they can personally pull it off. For some, it’s simply a case of it being a bit too far outside their style comfort zone. There’s definitely nothing wrong with knowing the limits of what you’re comfortable with because if you can’t wear something with confidence—especially in the case of an ascot—then it’s going to negatively affect how you carry yourself. Being self-conscious is the last thing you want when it comes to style. However, if you decide to take the plunge, here are some tips on how to wear an ascot.

How to Wear an Ascot - He Spoke Style

Another reason I hear many people give for steering clear of an ascot is that it appears feminine. While there’s a part of me that wants to just say, “Get over it,” that’s not productive. Instead, build a little more masculinity into your outfit to counterbalance any perceived femininity from the ascot. A pair of bad-ass sunglasses and leather driving gloves will do the trick.

An ascot is worn in place of neck tie with a suit or blazer. I prefer to wear one with a blazer as it can add a dash of distinction and rakishness, while with a suit it may appear overly stuffy. Wear an ascot low around your neck and make sure it just peeks out from your shirt’s neckline. And only unbutton your top button. If you wear an ascot, you’ve really got to own it. Since it’s a relatively uncommon neck dressing for men, people will notice so wear it with a confidence that borders on “I don’t give a f-ck.”

How to Wear an Ascot - He Spoke Style

I’ve already weighed in on the no white after labor day rule and have been waiting to break out my white denim this winter. During the winter when days are short and color palates can get muted, white denim can be a fresh and unexpected change.

How to Wear an Ascot - He Spoke Style

How to Wear an Ascot - He Spoke Style

How to Wear an Ascot - He Spoke Style

This Look: Navy double-breasted blazer c/o ASOS – White button down shirt by J.Crew – White denim jeans by J.Crew – Vintage silk scarf (similar here) – Patterned silk pocket square c/o REISS (sold out, similar here) – Sunglasses c/o Persol – Brown leather belt c/o Allen Edmonds (Manistee) – Brown leather driving gloves c/o Banana Republic – Watch with brown leather strap by Timex – Brown double monk strap shoes by To Boot New York

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Photography by Rob McIver Photo.


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  • Modini

    I like your style. Cheers from Poland :)

    • Brian Sacawa


  • Joshua

    Yup. This is how I’m gonna wear my ascot when I finally get mine. Do you know of reputable online stores to get some?

    • Brian Sacawa

      Check out Brooks Brothers or Mr Porter.

  • Joshua

    Hey, so is it a scarf or an ascot that you wore in those photos? Can I see how it looks from the back? Thanks.

    • Brian Sacawa

      It’s a small silk scarf that I wore as an ascot, so not a “proper” ascot. It’s a short enough scarf that it works that way though. Thanks for reading.

      • Joshua

        Thanks for the reply. Can I get the measurement of your scarf?

        • Brian Sacawa

          Sure thing. It’s about three feet long and nine inches wide. I fold it in half lengthwise when wearing as an ascot.

  • Metz Nikolovskiquite

    Hi! I am a first-time visitor of your blog, and as a European reader (who’s lived in the US) I find it quite refreshing. I really like the way you add classicism to the jean-look and still manage to put an American touch to it.

    As for this look, I find it just spectacular! The sheer extravaganza of the blue-white-brown combination is very chic, and definitely very Italy-influenced!
    Can’t help but draw a parallel to Great Gatsby in this look.

    A very impressed reader ;)

    • Brian Sacawa

      Many thanks! Cheers.

  • Therol

    Love your style trying to learn how to wear ascots in the south..

    • Brian Sacawa

      Thanks for the comment, Therol. In the south, I’d try to pick one that was a lighter fabric.

  • Moses

    This is a great style! Also, kudos on how well thought out your blog is. Would it be possible for you to explain the proper length of suit sleeves and should that also apply to blazers and sports coats? Thank you!

    • Brian Sacawa

      Will do!

  • Seth Nelson

    The ascot is definitely on my list of items to add to my wardrobe. As a musician, do you think this would work on the stage? I’m considering it for an upcoming organ recital.

    • Brian Sacawa

      If it’s not a warm stage, it could work!

  • Kiri

    @Brian Sacawa

    Do you think it could work with just a dress shirt, dress pants and dress shoes?
    All black with a silver watch and a silver belt buckle, and I’d have the ascot in a silverish shiny colour (roughly like the picture, maybe slightly darker). It would be for a 3/4-casual gala event.

    I’m a model so I’m not worried about if I could “rock it”, as it were, but more if it would be an appropriate use of the ascot.


    • Brian Sacawa

      When it’s worn high up like that, it appears stuffy. Try to keep it a little lower. Cheers.

  • Paul Abbaszadeh

    How do you avoid the ascot/scarf showing through a white dress shirt? I’ve been struggling with this

    • Brian Sacawa

      It would have to depend on the fabric of the shirt. For thinner fabrics, you’re going to have it showing.

  • Marty

    You describe how not to over play it perfectly.

  • Barron

    I wear the shit out of ascots. Nothing feminine about them at all, if some men think they are then don’t wear it. In Argentina it is very popular with “distinguished” gentlemen.