How To Pack Your Ties for Travel

When you’re taking a trip that requires you to bring along some neckwear, it’s important to pack your ties well to keep them looking crisp, clean, and unwrinkled. Here’s a quick guide on how to pack your ties for travel.

How To Pack Ties for Travel - He Spoke Style

| IN CASE OF TIES, A CASE FOR TIES | Coach tie case (not available); Brooks Brothers offers a similarly handsome alternative.

For maximum protection and organization, I recommend investing in a tie case. Though most tie cases only have straps to secure two ties, it is possible to fit more in the case, if need be. I’ve managed to squeeze four into mine with no problem.

How To Pack Ties for Travel - He Spoke Style

If you can find a tie case with a small pocket built in, snatch it up. It’s a great way to keep all your small accessories like tie clips and cuff links in the same place.

Other Packing Options

If a tie case isn’t in your budget in the near future, here are a couple of other options for packing your ties safely. But be sure to put that tie case on your next birthday/Christmas wish list!

Roll them up. Fold the tie once lengthwise, then roll it up tightly, starting with the narrow end. This works best if you’re traveling with a duffle bag rather than a suitcase as it’s easier to find a space where it’s not going to get crushed. And if you don’t have an aversion to putting your neckwear in your shoes, put the rolled up tie in the shoe opening after you’ve finished making your DIY shoe trees.

Fold neatly, pack snugly. This was my preferred method before getting a tie case. Fold the tie in thirds – just as illustrated in the second photo – and find the flattest part of your suitcase of bag to pack them. I have four zip compartments in my suitcase that my ties would fit perfectly in.

How To Pack Ties for Travel - He Spoke Style

| WEARING | QG Custom suit, Al bazar shirt, Reiss pocket square, Tie c/o Alton Lane, TateossianL. Jonas, and vintage silver bracelets, Timex watch, Coach tie case and bag | PHOTOGRAPHY | by Rob McIver Photo

How do you pack your ties when traveling?

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  • MaffJones

    I love coming and reading your blog. Since finding your blog, I have taken been slowly revamping my wardrobe to improve the quality of the outfits that I wear. Ties have been a recent addition, so having a way of packing them for when I need to travel is really handy.
    You have definitely helped improve my style sense and continue to impress me with new outfits and handy tips.
    Thank you.

    • Brian Sacawa

      Thanks for the support, Maff. Cheers.

  • keepin’ it dapper

    Thanks for the tips Brian! I’ve always struggled with packing my dresswear, including ties, without having things come out wrinkled on the other end. I like the idea of a tie case; didn’t realize they even made these!


    • Brian Sacawa

      Glad to be of service! Thank for reading, Stephen.

  • Zac Cornelius

    I found a great inexpensive option (around $8) on Amazon. I’ve had mine for about a year now, and it gets the job done just fine. It’s not as nice to look at, but I think there are other places I’d rather spend my money. I highly recommend getting one as suitcases can do a number on ties if you pack them poorly. I’ll put the link below.