How To Dress for a Summer Wedding: Garden Edition

It has been great to see more and more couples choosing to have their summer wedding outdoors. Not only does a garden provide a beautiful setting for a beautiful day, but from a style perspective, it lends itself to a little more casual and relaxed approach to getting dressed up. Here’s a look that offers some inspiration on what to wear to a summer garden wedding.

How To Dress for a Summer Wedding: Garden Edition - He Spoke Style

If you’re going to be attending an outdoor summer wedding, choosing a lightweight garment is important. Depending on the location and forecast, temperatures could easily top 90-degrees, making it very uncomfortable to be in a heavier fabric.

A linen suit is a solid choice, though a lightweight cotton suit, like the one I’m wearing, also works really well if you’d prefer to save the linen suit for another summer wedding on the beach.

How To Dress for a Summer Wedding: Garden Edition - He Spoke Style

However, even if I planned to save my linen suit for another time, if it was going to be a hot afternoon or early evening, I wouldn’t be found without a linen shirt. This one has been a favorite recently. After the ceremony, you could easily lose the jacket, roll up the sleeves, take of the bow tie, and unbutton your collar to stay cool, casual and stylish.

How To Dress for a Summer Wedding: Garden Edition - He Spoke Style

I have been a big fan of flower lapel pins this season and for a garden wedding, especially, it is the perfect accessory.

How To Dress for a Summer Wedding: Garden Edition - He Spoke Style

How To Dress for a Summer Wedding: Garden Edition - He Spoke Style

This Look: Light tan cotton pincord suit by J.Crew (jacket: click here; pants: click here) – Peach linen shirt c/o REISS – Navy diamond tip pindot bow tie by J.Crew (similar here) – Pink flower lapel pin by hook + ALBERT – Paisley pocket round with brown border by Quinntessential Gentleman Handmade (similar here) – Brown leather plaque belt by J.Crew – Sunglasses by Ray-Ban (Clubmaster) – Watch with brown leather band by Timex – Brown horsebit loafers c/o Allen Edmonds (Grand Cayman)

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Thanks for reading.

Stylishly Yours,

He Spoke Style

Photography by Rob McIver Photo.


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  • Mustafa Kacar

    Loving the vintage look Brian – 2nd photo is one of my all time favorite!

    • Brian Sacawa

      Thanks, Mustafa. Really glad to hear that and I know Rob will appreciate it too.

  • Suzanne

    I love this look. I especially love how you have placed your puff in the pocket. Great unusual detail that adds texture and interest to the outfit.


    • Brian Sacawa

      Thanks very much, Suzanne. Pocket rounds always make easy and interesting folds.

  • Leroy

    Great look! My only is is that I don’t know if I would match the pocket square and the bow tie so closely..I would probably go white and just let the flower a small brown stripe. “dominate.” Just me, though. Just putting an alternative look out there. :-).

    • Leroy

      I meant that I would go white with a small brown stripe and let the lapel flower take over a bit.

    • Brian Sacawa

      Thanks, Leroy. A great option as well. I really liked how the pocket round pulled together the navy in the bow tie and the peach in the shirt. Thanks for reading.

  • kerry

    Great look. Vintage style. Casual but elegant. The suit looks khaki but the picture looks light blue.

    • Brian Sacawa

      Thanks, Kerry. The color is actually more of a stone, so the photo processing might be playing tricks on you. Thanks so much for reading.

  • Jeff Rider

    I wore that EXACT suit to a wedding in Austin is August, with a H&A lapel flower and everything.

    Meanwhile, as regards kerry’s comment on color, J.Crew lists the suit as “faded black”, which is a touch misleading. The good thing is, with Black accessories (shoes and belt) it lends to a light dove grey, but with brown ones (I wore my Allen Edmonds McAllister wingtips and belt) it picks up the color of the suit buttons and looks tan or cream. It’s a super versatile suit, and I am in love with mine, constantly looking for excuses to wear it.

    • Brian Sacawa

      That’s great, Jeff! Yes, hanging up right now the suit definitely looks more like a stone color. Interesting point about the suit picking up colors from accessories. Thanks so much for reading.

  • John M

    That Brooks Bros suit is one of my favorites – good way to break up the routine.

    • Brian Sacawa

      Thanks, John. The suit in this post is actually J.Crew. Though my Brooks Brothers khaki cotton suit is featured here, here, and here.

  • Joe

    Such a great look! I’m really liking the flower lapel pin – a simple yet perfect accessory.

    • Brian Sacawa

      Thanks, Joe. I love how a flower lapel pin can just make an outfit.

  • Lilli Elise

    As a bowtie boutique owner i have seen so many weddings and have dressed both the bridal party and guests in this style. It is fool proof! Love it! And that flower lapel is so nice :)

  • Ben

    I have looked everywhere for this peach shirt, an idea where it is still available??