The Grey Plaid Three Piece Suit

Like a brown suit, a plaid suit is definitely a next step proposition once you’ve gotten comfortable with the basics and decided it’s time to expand your style vocabulary. The distinctive look of a plaid suit screams sartorial sophistication and when worn properly, can show that you’ve graduated from solids and into a new realm filled with possibilities. In addition to—and perhaps despite—its uniqueness, a plaid suit is extremely versatile. Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be posting looks that showcase the several ways you can wear it, but to kick things off here’s some inspiration for how to wear a grey plaid three piece suit.

Grey Plaid Three Piece Suit - He Spoke Style

If you’re thinking about adding a plaid suit to your wardrobe, consider this as a general rule: a subtle pattern projects timelessness and distinction, while a bolder pattern will appear trendier. The windowpane pattern I’m wearing is a great example of the former and is, in my opinion, a true gentleman’s suit. In either case, styling it with an uncomplicated shirt and accessories provides a starting point for an exploration into more refined, elegant, and involved expressions of style.

Grey Plaid Three Piece Suit - He Spoke Style

In many ways, I view this look as a companion to the look I put together for Playboy last month, highlighting burgundy accessories as a key component of fall style. It’s also a good illustration of how to work patterns into your accessories with a solid color suit, and keep it simple with a patterned one, as shown here. Often it’s the simple that can be most striking.

Grey Plaid Three Piece Suit - He Spoke Style

Grey Plaid Three Piece Suit - He Spoke Style

Grey Plaid Three Piece Suit - He Spoke Style

Grey Plaid Three Piece Suit - He Spoke Style

This Look: Grey plaid three piece suit c/o Reiss – White french cuff dress shirt by Brooks Brothers – Burgundy wool tie by The Tie Bar (similar here) – Burgundy pocket square by The Tie Bar (similar here) – Skull cuff links by Paul Smith Shoes and Accessories – Watch with black leather band by Timex – Sunglasses by Ray-Ban (Clubmaster) – Burgundy wingtip dress shoes c/o Johnston & Murphy

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He Spoke Style

Photography by Rob McIver Photo.


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  • Patrick K

    Looks sharp. I’ve often been tempted by a plaid suit (with the larger panes, like you have here), as well as wanting to get into a three piece at some point. One of these days!

    • Brian Sacawa

      Appreciate the comment, Patrick. Definitely have to make room for a plaid suit in your closet!

  • Arcadia

    This is a great look!

    • Brian Sacawa

      Thanks for the comment, Arcadia. And thanks for reading.

  • Michael Van Osch, MVO

    great look! well put together!

    • Brian Sacawa

      Thanks, as always, Michael.

  • Matthew Pike

    That is one sharp looking suit man, especially like the fit of it.

    • Brian Sacawa

      Thanks, Matthew. I always talk about people being extremely lucky to find a perfect fit from ready to wear clothing, and in the case of Reiss, I’ve been that lucky person. Though I had a little done to the trousers—they actually make their suit trousers a little wider to make sure that guys with bigger quads can fit into them as well—the jacket is completely off the rack.

  • Ted Rheingold

    Damn sharp!

    • Brian Sacawa

      Cheers, Ted.

  • Justin

    Very sharp. I think it definitely requires some swagger to pull off and I really like the burgundy accents.

  • Amy

    Stunning. The burgundy addition is perfect.

    • Brian Sacawa

      Appreciate the comment, Amy. Thanks for reading.

  • Alfredo Loyola

    Hello Brian, first of all, want to say that your blog is amazing. Would like to ask you something about suits. I think is one of the essential pieces that might make us look great, however, everytime I have tried to buy one I never feel confortable with the length of the sleeves, pants and blazer. What would be the best measure for each one of them? (e.g.: how many inches-cm up from the shoes, hands and under the waist?)

  • Fashuninja

    This look is giving me LIFE!

  • Spiro

    Where can i look for purchasing a suit like this?

    • Brian Sacawa

      The one I’m wearing is from Reiss. They don’t have the exact plaid this season, but this one comes close:

  • No Rule, Just Style

    Your style is impeccable!