A Trend We Whole-Heartedly Endorse: The Denim Shirt

The denim shirt is having a moment

As proponents of classic style, we’re not too big on trends here at HSS. Here today, gone tomorrow, that’s not really our thing. That’s not to say trends don’t come along that we find interesting and worthy of appropriation. And sometimes the thing that’s become a trend isn’t trendy in the way we normally view that term, but rather a classic item that experiences a rebirth. That’s the case with the denim shirt – one of our favorite “trending” menswear pieces of the moment.

denim shirt trend men

denim shirt trend men

| WEARING | Suitsupply blazer, Brunello Cuccinelli shirt, Saks Fifth Avenue pants, Garrett Leight sunglasses, Drake’s pocket square, Rolex watch, Tod’s loafers | PHOTOGRAPHY | by Rob McIver Photo

Of course, there are a wide variety of denim shirts out there. Lighter in color, darker in color, button-down or cutaway collar, Western versions and more formal versions. There’s really a denim shirt for most occasions these days.

But beyond being so versatile, my favorite aspect of a denim shirt is its ability to bridge the formality gap in both directions. It can dress down a double-breasted suit, elevate a casual look, or be the perfect way to give a weekday office look an extra shot of style.

A denim shirt helps bridge that seasonal gap as well. Cotton and linen is a great warm weather mix any day of the week.

denim shirt trend men

denim shirt trend men

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  • http://styleunsettled.com Kay

    That’s a cool outfit, love it! My husband loves denim shirts, but he wears them in a more casual style… :)


  • asian_dapper

    I’ve been planning on buying a denim shirt for a while and this article validated it and actually became a gentle reminder that I should purchase soon.

    Very nice combination you got there Brian!

  • Armed Ferret

    I just broke out a great Spier & Mackay denim with a BB milano-fit linen suit, AE Broadstreets, and a fantastic bright red bow tie with little jolly rogers on it. A very good friend who was a USCG Chief received his direct commission just last weekend and I was fortunate enough to attend. I figured the bow tie would be a nice nod to my favorite puddle pirate. :D

  • http://gentlemanwithin.com Khoi | Gentleman Within

    Love the look of a denim shirt under a textured blazer. It’s quite versatile. Similar to chambray, but a bit more refined, imo.

  • Chris Cox

    I’m a big fan, I have to admit, having worn them for years. A good investment as they go well with tweed in the colder months, too.

  • Radames Sanchez

    Like wearing my denims with a black v-nech t-shirt