Cuff Links: Show Some Personality

Though it’s just about time to swap summer-weight fabrics for those more fitting for fall, I wanted to wring one more look out of my seersucker suit. From summer wedding to business to suit separates, I’ve dedicated the past couple of weeks to showing off its versatility. So before this suit is retired for the season, here’s a nod to classic style with a little bit of a personal touch via some interesting cuff links.

Cuff Links: Show Some Personality - He Spoke Style

| WEARING | Suit and shirt c/o Saks Fifth Avenue, Vintage tie (similar HERE), GothamSmith cufflinks, Ray-Ban sunglasses, Goorin Bros. hat (similar HERE), Citizen watch, Loafers c/o Allen Edmonds | PHOTOGRAPHY | by Rob McIver Photo

Cuff links are a great way to show some personality and add some individuality to a look. The ones I’m wearing are a nod to my bicycle racing days. You can’t see it, but instead of the usual clasp on the back, the chain ring’s crank arm and pedal keeps them secure. Never go overboard or try to be too clever with these. Stay away from novelty cuff links, like rubber chickens. If you’re wearing them to get a reaction, think twice. Details should be noticed upon closer inspection; they shouldn’t scream, “Hey, look at me.” Keep it classy.

I hope you guys aren’t getting tired of brown. Definitely not a typical summer color, but I’ve worn it often and I’m fixing to wear a lot of it this fall. Especially once I get this vintage number back from my tailor.

Cuff Links: Show Some Personality - He Spoke Style

Cuff Links: Show Some Personality - He Spoke Style

Tell me about your favorite pair of cuff links and what they say about you.

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  • Scott

    my cuff links were a present for being best man at my friends wedding. One says Scott and the other says ‘Winger’ which is my nickname. It’s a good talking points.

    • Brian Sacawa


  • KTodd

    I have about a dozen pairs of cufflinks which I wear, moving them from one little drawer to another as I wear them (to “rotate the inventory”). Most have stories behind them-initial links that aren’t my initials but were from someone long ago or ones made out of City seals where I work. My favorite is a pair of gold metal knots with little blue stones imbedded. The gold is probably plating and the stones might only be glass, but they were my dads and probably his before that. I picked them out of his trinket box after his death. He was a very simple man-more likely to wear a bolo tie than cufflinks, but they remind me of him when i wear them. Which is much more often than I can wear a bolo tie.