Winter Weekend Getaway: The Rugged Canvas Duffle

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Canvas duffle bag in olive by Bennett Winch.

A mix of stylish utility and rugged refinement

Different travel situations call for different kinds (and styles) of bags. Taking a flight? You need a good suitcase and/or carry-on. An overnight excursion? That’s why you have your overnight bag. And then, of course, any time you’re taking a trip and want to carry your luggage rather than wheel it behind you, there’s the duffle bag.

We’ve talked about the merits of the leather duffle bag previously, but today we’re taking a look at an equally stylish, but more rugged version: the canvas duffle bag.



| WEARING | Woolrich coat, J.Crew jeans, Bag c/o Bennett Winch, Drake’s hat, Scarf c/o Seaward and Stearn, Mario Portolano gloves, L.L.Bean boots | PHOTOGRAPHY | by Rob McIver Photo

A bag, like any accessory, should complement your outfit. When I’m more dressed up, a leather duffle is a good fit. But for a casual weekend getaway, a canvas duffle is a much better option.

The bag I’m carrying here is by our friends at Bennett Winch in England. And they’ve really nailed both style and utility with this weekender. The bonded canvas (which is also waterproof – perfect for rain and/or snow), full grain leather trim, handles and base along with solid brass hardware are all extremely handsome.


But it’s what’s on the inside that really sets this duffle apart. It’s got a padded laptop sleeve, a waterproof side pocket and, the coup de grâce, two separate waterproof shoe compartments. These can not only be used for shoes, but bathing suits, dirty clothes, or anything else you want to keep separate from the rest of the items in the bag.


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  • John Ashworth

    Thank you for the review Brian. I came across Bennett Winch on Instagram and have been considering which style / colour would work for me, but think this weekender could be the one :) May have to take a closer look at Woolrich too as that jacket looks great. All the best

  • Remy Etienne LeBarr

    Might I put in a recommendation for the price conscious? This particular bag runs at 701.00 USD. While I would agree that the bag looks stylish and all, the price point made my jaw drop. I own a large Alice pack, US Army surplus with frame. It holds a TON of stuff, lots of pockets, and when paired with the right outfit, looks as natural as the sand weekender for about 40 bucks. And it’s tough as coffin nails. Love the page – check in daily. And I don’t want to bad-mouth the company, I think their canvas bag looks great…but if I pay 700 dollars for something, I’m not likely to take it out anywhere – I put one mark on the light canvas or a scratch in the leather, or tear a thread on it…you know? Better to pay 40 bucks and sleep a little easier when it gets the hell beat out of it by baggage agents or my own rough treatment.

  • Allison

    Wow, love this duffle – have been looking for a bag just like this! I just wanted to share a saving tip for any fellow NY’ers who are looking to save on transportation. I was complaining about how much money I’ve been spending on Uber’s and a friend recommended; it’s a non-profit and much more affordable than ride-shares. You can book rides in advance and it’s great for large groups. Just in case anyone else is tired of draining their funds with ride-sharing apps!