Ask HSS, Ep. 11: Warm Weather Style

Raise your hand if you’d like some warmer weather right now. I realize it’s December and the polar vortex is bearing down on us (well, it was!), but not everyone is sharing our seasonal temperature misfortune. Take reader Eric, for example, who lives in Mexico’s Yucat√°n Peninsula and is in need of some advice for looking dapper in a hotter climate. So, here you go, Eric! Those of us in the deep freeze right now will be envying you from afar.

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  • BougieHippie

    Who are your fashion Icons? What are your three winter go-to items? When is the best time to purchase a winter coat? Where did you buy your first pair of nice boots? Do you workout and if so why?

  • Seth Nelson

    I’ve recently discovered something helpful for dressing well in warm climates. We live in San Antonio, and our summers consist of months of humid highs over 100, and lows in the upper 80s. I used to hesitate with certain shirts, knowing I would sweat through and they would feel uncomfortable sticking to my skin. Then I discovered under shirts. I know, I am late to the game in that regard. But for a while they seemed counter intuitive, only making me hotter (not helpful, during the summer). But I found that not to be the case. For one, they helped stop the sweating through issue. And for another, my shirts don’t stick to my wet skin, so they actually felt lighter and flowed around me more freely. Even guayaberas never felt comfortable to me until I adopted the under shirt. And during the winter it does have the added bonus of trapping heat, adding just one more thin layer to keep you warm, so I am a new fan of wearing good undershirts year round.

    Another option for hot climates is adding hats to your wardrobe. I find this to be another temperature regulating item. During the summer, it can help cool you by blocking some of the hot sun rays. Or while sitting in the shade, take it off and use it for an impromptu fan. Ha. And then just the opposite, during the winter if can warm you by helping to trap your own head’s body heat.

  • erosan

    Lovely. One week I am so swamped by work that I can’t get to read even my favourite blogs, and I come back to discover Brian actually answered! I hate that I am late to the post, but excited about having this addressed.

    The waistcoat is something I’ll look into, I’ve always loved the look of them, anyways. I don’t think I can pull the au-naturel look outside of my home… my wife wouldn’t allow it anyways :D

    Seth, I already wear a hat most days, with the intense sun here you need protection, and to be honest baseball caps never felt right (not even when I was younger), but thanks for the tip on the undershirt.