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Tony Gorga's EDC
Tony Gorga's EDC
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8 Things Tony Gorga Can’t Live Without

June 13th, 2022

Let’s check out Tony Gorga’s EDC

The world of Everyday Carry (a.k.a. EDC) is kind of interesting to me. These videos seem to do insanely well on YouTube and, until recently, I had no idea there were whole channels dedicated to whatever knick-knacks guys carry with them. But, they’re there. So, in the spirit of sharing, here’s what I carry with me-and why.


A leather catch-all helps keep EDC organized.

In recent years, I’ve become a little OCD about clutter. I also hate running around asking ‘where are my car keys?’ when, inevitably, I’m late out the door to drop off my daughter at daycare. To avoid that as much as possible, I keep all of my EDC in the exact same place — this leather catch-all. It’s in the entryway to the house, and I drop everything there when I come in. Less clutter on the counters, and less time trying to find things on the way out.

Car Keys

Audi A4 car key

Though I grew up outside of Detroit, I was never much of a ‘car guy.’ In recent years, however, I’ve gotten a little more into form, function, and design. I found an excellent deal on a very low-mileage Audi A4 back in 2020 and had to move on it. While this isn’t the ‘family car’, it has been an excellent ride. It’s functional, comfortable, and the turbo gives it plenty of pep to take on a back road. While where I live doesn’t get too much snow, I would highly recommend Audi’s Quattro system.

You’ll also notice the only other thing on my key ring is a house key. No secret grocery club membership, no jelly-of-the-month club tag — none of that. I want as little bulk in my pockets as possible.


Shell cordovan card case wallet

My father carries an enormous wallet — so large he once needed a rubber band to hold it together after the Velcro wore out. Very Costanza. It was at that point I resolved to carry a card case and keep only the essentials in there. And, because I saw so many guys have to replace theirs every two years or so, I knew I wanted something made to last.

So, I decided on a shell cordovan card case. I found this one on Etsy, of all places. It’s made from Horween’s classic Color #8, and the blue contrast stitching looks especially handsome. I’ve had this for about a year, and it’s been wonderful. It’s started to take on a little patina, and has securely held on to what I keep in there. Which, frankly, isn’t much: two credit cards, my driver’s license, and an insurance card.

Wedding Band

Wedding bands are one of those deeply personal things with a story behind them. Here, I’d like to think there’s a lesson to be learned.

When I was first married, I had a 6mm tungsten band. I chose it because a lot of other guys had them — and they were accessible for what we could reasonably afford at the time. But, I was sized for it at about 11am, in the middle of August, after a fairly substantial breakfast. In short, I wasn’t sized correctly and it became very difficult to keep on. Because tungsten bands cannot be re-sized, I needed to purchase a new one after three years.

My band is slightly domed with a round edge. That way, it slips over my knuckle but still sits securely on my finger. I was also sized at 6.75 — not 6.5 or 7. That was as small as I could go while still being able to comfortably get it on and off.  It’s 5mm wide — not 4, not 6, but five. I may have mentioned earlier I’m a little obsessive and this width was chosen not only because it’s unique, but it is, to my eye, the correct proportion for my finger. It’s 14k instead of 18k, as well, because I wanted it a little harder.

The lesson, though, is to select something unique to you, not because it’s currently trending.


Hamilton Jazzmaster watch

While I can absolutely appreciate timepieces and the intricate designs of these fascinating mechanical objects, I’m probably the least “watch guy” out of the contributors to this site. I do have a decent collection, but my favorite is this Viewmatic Jazzmaster Automatic from Hamilton (ref.H32515555). The 40mm case size is excellent for my wrist, and this dial and strap works with anything from a T-shirt to a double-breasted suit.

I’d had my eye on purchasing it when I found out I was going to become a father, but a surprise work bonus enabled me to do it a little sooner than that. I’ve had it for over four years now, and don’t think it’ll be out of the collection anytime soon.


I’m not one to line up for the ‘latest and greatest’ of whatever tech gadget comes out next. But, I currently carry the iPhone 12 Pro, and I’m glad I did. The 12MP camera system is excellent, sure, but what I really appreciate over many of the previous models is the return to the more squared-off edges. To my eye, it makes for a cleaner design. I also go for a minimalist case from Peel.


Tony Gorga in a casual outfit wearing Persol 714 sunglasses

I’m far from Bono, but my eyes are fairly sensitive and I do wear sunglasses most of the time outdoors. Because I get so much use out of them, a quality pair was well-worth the investment. And for me, there isn’t a pair better than the Persol 714s.

I went for the smaller 52mm model, and that’s worked best for the size of my noggin. The “Havana” tortoiseshell and brown (polarized) lens complement most of what I wear, as well.

While the 714s are the folding model, I actually don’t fold them often unless I need to pack them in a carry-on bag.

Golf Practice Fob

Golf course key fob

Like many, golf became a huge part of my life in 2020. The course is a place to escape and the game is a way to continually challenge yourself both physically and mentally. I’m fortunate enough to have a club with superb practice facilities literally down the street from my house, so I’m able to get out a few times a week on a lunch break or after my daughter is asleep to hit some balls, and try to reach a single-digit handicap.

Wrapping Up

My EDC will, of course, vary depending on where I’m going that day. But, I’ve been conscious and intentional about what I carry and why. It’s one less variable I have to consider and makes me much more efficient.

Tony Gorga

Tony Gorga is an author, sartorial enthusiast, and regular contributor to a variety of publications documenting lifestyle for the modern man. He specializes in how-to guides, in-depth product reviews, and advocating a wardrobe of versatile pieces made to last. Tony appreciates hearty food, a classic cocktail, a good cigar, prog rock on vinyl, mid-20th century furniture, and a good story. Aside from menswear and a ‘day job’ in the defense industry, he’s an avid fitness buff, middling golfer, former competitive Ultimate Frisbee player, and active chaser of his toddler.

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