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It doesn’t feel like it right now on the East Coast, but spring is only three weeks away.

This year’s trends include retro jackets, soft shoes, tropical prints, and polo shirts. To name just a few.

And, of course, suede jackets are always on our list of spring style essentials.

Come to think of it, it’s time to start thinking about some new spring scents

In other news:

Putt-Putt golf and DJs. Is this really all it takes to get men to shop in-store more?

Depending on where you are in your style journey, it’s likely you’ve had at least one or two of these epiphanies.

All those filing cabinets of film that Bill Cunningham archived that never saw the light of day? They may just get their moment to shine.

An unlikely darling of the young male watch-geek set? The Drive de Cartier.

More in watches, our friends at The Rake have an interesting piece on World War II’s impact on the Rolex brand.

Have we been overlooking Patrick Stewart as a style icon all of these years?

If you’re traveling to NYC soon (or you happen to live there), make sure to check out these three tailors for truly unique experiences. And stay tuned for our review of our recent Michael Andrews Bespoke experience.

Finally, need a distraction this month? Here’s a robust list of things to see, hear, and read.

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