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11 Truly Unique And Exceptional Gifts For Watch Lovers

December 19th, 2023

Just In Time For The Holidays

Tick-tock. Indeed, the clock is winding down on the holiday season, but there’s still time to find a last-minute gift or two for the horological hobbyist in your life. Here, we’ve compiled some of the best gifts for watch lovers in 2023.


Rare Watches: The World’s Most Exquisite Timepieces

Starting off with a bang here with a book on some the rarest, most luxurious timepieces in the world. From one-of-one collectibles to watches adorning the wrist of characters both imagined (James Bond) and Elvis (larger than life), this book has it all. Produced in collaboration with Christie’s, the book’s unrivaled access, untold stories, and stunning photography will give it a prominent place in any enthusiast’s library.


Bennett Winch Watch Roll

Here at HSS, we’re big fans of British leather goods maker Bennett Winch. True to the ethos of quality and craftsmanship with a little quirk a watch roll that isn’t really a roll. Indeed, a traditional roll doesn’t quite stay upright and kind of flops around when you open it. This can be a little disconcerting for the discerning horologist. But, Bennett Winch has solved the problem with a unique system that’s both hard and soft.

The exterior of this roll is luxurious Tuscan leather. The interior is a supple Alcantara sueded lining to protect your prized piece. The whole thing is given structure by a Kevlar core. This rolls up into a hexagonal shape that keeps everything from rolling away.


Berd Vaye Horosphere

“Modern Art with Vintage Parts” is the tagline of Berd Vaye, a company dedicated to sourcing 50-100 year old watch parts and encasing them in Lucite, a transparent resin capable of suspending objects for up-close viewing.

This perfectly spherical orb, available in both small and large sizes and limited to 999 pieces, is a truly unique gift for the horological enthusiast as interested in the mechanics of watches as the style of them. Each unique piece allows you to explore watches in a different medium and consider the interplay of each component- ratchets, rollers, escapements and balance springs.

It’s a reminder, I think, of what watches are: tiny, fascinating machines.


H2: Nomos Club Sport Neomatik

Nomos Glashütte, is a little under the radar from the Swiss behemoths-but if you know, you know. The Club Sport Neomatik is a refreshing twist on highly saturated luxury sport watch segment. At first glance, this watch might look like any other. But, the best details reveal themselves on closer inspection.

At 39.5mm, it’s a sport watch substantial enough to be deserving of the title, but not so large it’s inelegant enough to pair with a jacket and slacks. And, at just 8.5mm thick, it’s subtle enough to slide under a shirt cuff.

What really stands out, though, is the sunburst dial. The ‘tabac’ brown is unique enough to avoid the colored dial trend. The numbers are clear and easy to read, but not obnoxiously so. The see-through caseback offers a beautiful view of the slender, streamlined DUW001 automatic caliber.

And, at 3,700USD, it’s at a far more palatable position than an Oyster Perpetual or a new Aqua Terra.


Rapport London Luxury Watch Cleaning Kit

Part of the joy of owning any object of value is caring for it, whether it be shoes, clothing, or even your car. This, of course, extends to watches. A complete cleaning kit from Rapport is a valuable addition to any enthusiast’s arsenal.

Included in this are a cleaning spray to break down dirt and grim, a cloth for metal components, another for steel components, and a cleaning brush. Much like a shoe-shine ritual, cleaning your watches can be a relaxing Sunday afternoon activity to gear up for the week ahead.


“Timepiece” Artwork

Timepieces are works of art themselves. But, if you can’t get the real thing, it’s nice to have a picture of it. This could be blueprint drawings of the unique flipping mechanisms of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso or Cartier Basculante, or it could be something a little more modern like these from Andy Blank.

The “Timepiece” series features 42 iconic watches-everything from a Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 to the Apple Watch in one clean, minimalistic template on museum-grade paper. Hang this 21×21 print in their office-or, better, yet, above their watch box. All pieces are also available already framed for easy installation and enjoyment.


Weiss Watch Straps

Even at the luxury tier, brands seem to cut corners with their straps. Leathers can be plasticky, crack easily, or stretch out over time. Or, sometimes, they decide on a strap that doesn’t really go all that well with the case.

That’s where specialized strap makers come in. Weiss make watches, yes; but also world-class straps in bovine leather, cordovan, and suede. Available in black and versatile shades of brown, it’ll be an upgrade to any timepiece.


Mark & Graham Wood Watch Box

We all know someone who just leaves his Rolex on the dresser. Don’t be that guy. Get a proper watch box for a proper watch.

This handsome from Mark & Graham is made from sustainably-sourced acacia wood, a strong and durable material with pleasing natural grain. At 5” high and deep and 12” long, it won’t take up much space on a dresser. It holds five watches in a soft linen lining. It’s lockable with a brass key, and has a brass plate on top witch is easily engravable.

But, the best part about this is it’s currently on sale.


Wolf Single Watch Winder

On the wish list of one of our contributors, a single watch wander is the perfect for the minimalist in your life. Or, the (rare) guy who has the perfect-and-done watch collection.

If you’re only going to have one of something, why not make it the best? Wolf Watch Winders are among the finest and most experienced in the industry.


Julie Kraulis “Making Time” Artwork

Another take from the art world here. Prints of Julie Kraulis’ original graphite drawings of the world’s most recognizable timepieces are available in limited-edition quantities.

Her collection includes fresh perspectives on the mesmerizing A. Lange & Söhne Datograph movement (sold out for now, sadly), Royal Oak 5402, and the surprisingly intricate crown on the Rolex Daytona. We’re particularly drawn (sorry for the pun) to the intricacies of the pencil work and the decision to shade and lighten particular areas. It’s this attention to detail that makes this collection far from ‘just another drawing of a hype watch.’

With most available in 20 x 30 and some in 24 x 36 sizes as well, these are substantial pieces that are sure to be the focal point of any room.


Sonic Editions Print – Steve McQueen

Iconic man. Iconic watch. Steve McQueen and that word are seen frequently together. Indeed, McQueen and his style are inspirations for many in the menswear world.

This print of the man and his Tag Heuer Monaco from the 1971 film “Le Mans” is an ideal gift for the fan of both the man and the brand, yes, but also something a little more. It’s the way the photographer has capture the look in McQueen’s eye as he strides into the frame. He’s there, yes, but he’s in the frame and not square in the middle. That would be too easy. He’s looking past you, the viewer, not at you.

Perhaps this comes off a little cheesy, but I’ll say in anyway: I’d be pumped to see this image on my office wall. It’s a reminder to keep walking forward, no matter what life throws at you. Photos are printed on museum-grade paper and available in Medium (16 x 20) or Large (20 x 24).

The Bottom Line

Mechanical watches are tiny machines on your wrist. Each machine is made of dozens, if not hundreds, of delicate parts working in harmony to give you the greatest gift of all: time.

In this season of giving, time is worth more than any material good. Call a friend you haven’t spoken to a while. Check in with someone who, for whatever reason, might be far from home this time of the year.

Cherish the time you have with loved ones, for, as Tolkien wrote, “all we to decide is what do with time that is given us.”

Stylishly Yours,

Tony Gorga

Tony Gorga is an author, sartorial enthusiast, and regular contributor to a variety of publications documenting lifestyle for the modern man. He specializes in how-to guides, in-depth product reviews, and advocating a wardrobe of versatile pieces made to last. Tony appreciates hearty food, a classic cocktail, a good cigar, prog rock on vinyl, mid-20th century furniture, and a good story. Aside from menswear and a ‘day job’ in the defense industry, he’s an avid fitness buff, middling golfer, former competitive Ultimate Frisbee player, and active chaser of his toddler.

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