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Oaxacan Old Fashioned - He Spoke Style
Oaxacan Old Fashioned - He Spoke Style

Oaxacan Old Fashioned

May 15th, 2014

After the response to the posts on whiskey and the Boulevardier cocktail, I’ve been thinking about doing at least one of these kinds of posts a month. This time, I’m featuring a drink I was first introduced to at one of my favorite watering holes—Dutch Kills. The Oaxacan Old Fashioned wasn’t on the menu, but one of the things I love to do, especially with skilled bartenders, is to ask them to make me something with [fill in the blank]. That evening my choice was mezcal. If you’re a spirit forward cocktail person and like a little smokiness, the Oaxacan Old Fashioned is for you.

Oaxacan Old Fashioned

1.5 oz. Tequila Reposado
.5 oz. Mezcal
1 tsp. Agave Syrup
1 dash Aztec Chocolate Bitters

Combine the tequila, mezcal, agave syrup, and bitters in a mixing glass. Stir with ice and strain into a chilled rocks glass over ice. Garnish with a flamed orange peel.

If you’re wondering about the specific spirits I used: Sombra mezcal, El Espolon tequila, and Fee Brothers bitters. Have you ever had this cocktail?

Thanks for reading.

Stylishly Yours,

He Spoke Style

Photography by Rob McIver Photo.

Brian Sacawa

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