Smoking the 1903 Edition Emerald

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I tend to get really passionate about things that don’t have a finite end point. It’s the journey, potential for discovery, and never-ending pursuit of what might be just around the corner that turns me on. This is particularly true when it comes to things like fragrance, whiskey, and cigars. Variety is the spice of life they say! And seeing as how I’m a Libra, I won’t blame you if you find that somewhat odd.


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Now, having said that, these days I find myself gravitating to what I absolutely know that I like and being less open to experimentation, in general. Perhaps it’s because I’m getting older. Actually, check that–I’m sure that’s what it is. I’ve got less time for pure leisure so when I do have a moment to unwind, I want to be absolutely certain that my time is well spent and with something I know I’m going to enjoy, especially when it comes to cigars.

la aurora cigars review

Because let’s be honest, smoking a cigar is a commitment. When you decide to sit down and smoke a cigar, you’re generally talking about a 30-60 minute block of time. (Even more if you’re planning on a longer vitola.) And isn’t it the absolute worst when you sit down, get comfortable, light up your chosen cigar, and then realize it’s not so great? That’s happened to me more than a few times and it’s why now I only stick to brands I know deliver.

And among the brands that fill my humidor is La Aurora–a brand that has been handcrafting cigars in the Dominican Republic since 1903.

la aurora cigars review

For this particular post, I decided to light up a 1903 Edition Doble Figurado “Emerald”. This particular vitola at 5.0” x 54 is actually the original shape produced by La Aurora when they began making cigars more than 112 years ago. The perfecto is a very special vitola that only the most expert and experienced craftsmen are chosen to roll. And each craftsman is limited to rolling a maximum of 100 cigars per day. Add to that the fact that all the cigars in the 1903 Edition are kept in the aging room for at least two years before being sold and you’ve got a cigar really worth enjoying and savoring.

la aurora cigars review

The La Aurora 1903 Edition “Emerald” is a wonderful medium to full-bodied smoke with a clean draw, great smoke production, and a rich, complex, and decadent flavor thanks to its sun grown Ecuadorian sumatra wrapper, Dominican binder, and fillers from the Dominican Republic, Brazil, Nicaragua, and Peru.

In terms of flavor, the “Emerald” displays overwhelming notes of creamy leather, woods, and nuts. About halfway through, the core leather flavor switches and settles into more of a woody tone with subtly sweet interjections of chocolate and marshmallow, finishing with a hint of coffee.

If that sounds like your thing, you’re absolutely going to love this cigar.

la aurora cigars review

la aurora cigars review

You can now shop La Aurora’s full selection of Dominican cigars online at their website, where they offer free shipping to 35 states (with the exception of New York and New Jersey, where free shipping is not permitted).

I’m personally partial to the La Aurora 1903 Edition Emerald Doble Figurado, which I highly recommend, but to find what might be most pleasing to your palate, head on over to their cigar quiz to receive personalized recommendations curated by their master blender to your unique taste.

Thanks, as always, for reading.

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