If you’ve seen the 10 Essential Ties video, this look should be familiar as look No. 8, which showcased a navy knit tie. Knit ties are great for casual, cool, and confident style and work well in a variety of situations. Here are a few style tips for wearing a knit tie.

Edgy Business - He Spoke Style

Style Tip No. 1: A silk knit tie can be a little challenging to tie, especially when it comes to making sure the knot will hold. The fabric needs to be knotted fairly tightly in order to remain in place. Use a classic four-in-hand (or double four-in-hand) and pull tightly. Even with a tight knot, be prepared to make adjustments throughout the day to keep it just right and to make sure the dimple stays where you’d like it.

Style Tip No. 2: I love knit ties because they project a stylish and casual nonchalance. As a result, avoid styling them in an overly dressed up or formal way. A tie bar can work with a knit tie, but more times than not, if I’m wearing a knit tie, I’ll leave the tie bar at home and let both ends of the tie hang loose.

Edgy Business - He Spoke Style

Style Tip No. 3: Going back to our discussion on subtly, one of the things I’ll often leave up to chance when wearing a knit tie, especially when I let both ends hang separately, is whether the front part of the tie is shorter or longer than the back part. If it happens just right—and you can pull it off unselfconsciously—it can look just the right amount of stylish and carefree if the front part is just a little shorter.

Edgy Business - He Spoke Style

Edgy Business - He Spoke Style

This Look: Leather jacket by All Saints (old, new season) – Shirt by Michael Andrews Bespoke (similar here) – Chinos by J.Crew – Hat by Goorin Bros. – Tie by Gitman Bros. (similar here or splurge) – Watch by Timex – Belt and Shoes c/o Allen Edmonds

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