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10 Perfect Gifts For The True James Bond Aficionado

December 8th, 2023

Make This A Very Bond Holiday

Good looks, impeccable style, and ingenious gadgets to tinker with — admit it, at some point in life, every one of us has yearned for a taste of the 007 lifestyle. And while gifting an invisible Aston Martin Vanquish or explosive toothpaste might be the dream, not all of us can be the ultimate gift-giver that is Q. Fortunately, there are also more accessible items sure to thrill any James Bond aficionado.


Sonic Editions Framed Photo

‘Bond. James Bond.’ This black and white picture of Sean Connery in his James Bond prime is a timeless statement piece. The original photo, reproduced here in a limited edition run, was taken by Guy Hamilton in 1964 during the filming of “Goldfinger.” Framed in sleek black wood, this ode to the original 007, exudes charm, charisma, and has a license to steal glances from everyone who crosses its path.


The James Bond Archives, No Time To Die Edition

MI6’s vaults have been opened! This remarkable book offers the most comprehensive account of the series, covering every James Bond film ever made. Editor Paul Duncan, with unprecedented access to photos, designs, and storyboards takes a visual journey through the world of James Bond layering the personal narratives of more than 150 cast and crew members from the series. This amazing book is sure to leave the Bond aficionado, shall we say, both shaken and stirred.


No Time to Die OMEGA Seamaster

After decades of sporting Rolex, Breitling, and even Seiko, the latest Bond movie marked 25 years of James wearing an OMEGA watch. It is built from lightweight Grade 2 Titanium, and boasts a brown tropical dial and bezel (a rare color in watches). It features a helium escape valve and is water-resistant up to 300 meters. The No Time to Die OMEGA Seamaster is the ultimate tool watch. Or the ultimate gift, of course.


Casino Royale, First Edition

Though it’s the 21st film in the series, many are unaware that Casino Royale was Fleming’s very first Bond story. ‘Shaken, not stirred,’ the Vesper Martini, poker tournaments with million-dollar bets—this is where it all began. Make sure this original gift is truly original by opting for the first edition of the book that changed the world.


The Original James Bond Dunhill Vintage Gold Plated Iconic Lighter, circa 1970

Let’s be honest: when settling into a leather armchair, clad in a smoking jacket, and lighting a post-dinner Havana, you are not going to use a BIC. It just doesn’t fit. A great cigar just deserves a great lighter. This vintage Dunhill gold plated lighter, used by Bond on many occasions, is a fantastic gift for every smoking (or candle-lighting) Bond admirer.


Zippo Custom Lighter: James Bond 007 Logos

Looking for a more modern and reliable take on the previous gift? Consider this 007 Zippo lighter. With a black matte case and gold and black 007 logos, this lighter is a perfect gift for any fan who wants to take a little memorabilia on the go. Plus, it has a lifetime guarantee, ensuring it’ll work or be fixed for free. Just like diamonds, this Zippo lighter is forever.


Parker Jotter Ballpoint Pen

In GoldenEye, Q supplies Bond with a Parker Jotter ballpoint pen that is, conveniently, also a C4 grenade. This Parker Jotter stainless steel pen is sleek, modern, and comfortable to hold. While we don’t think this pen will explode when you click it three times – it sure does make for a banging present.


Geo F. Trumper Eucris Eau De Toilette

Numerous colognes carry the ‘007’ label, but what scent does our beloved secret agent wear himself? In Ian Fleming’s “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service,” Eucris by Geo. F. Trumper is mentioned, providing Bond a sense of feeling at home. It is a classic scent featuring notes of blackcurrant, cumin and coriander, a heart of jasmine and muguet and base notes of sandalwood, musk and moss. The Eucris Eau de Toilette for men, housed in its distinctive black bottle with a crown top, remains virtually unchanged since its novel mention.


James Bond 007 Waddington’s Number Playing Cards

Will these playing cards help you secure a world-saving full house faster? Uncertain. But regardless, even a pair of twos becomes spectacular with these cards featuring iconic Bond film posters. Plus, these quality cards from Waddington’s ensure that you will play many hands for many years to come.


Playmobil James Bond Aston Martin DB5 – Goldfinger Edition

Though most fans would likely love to have James Bond’s signature Aston Martin sitting in their driveways, they may have to settle for one on their desk. The Playmobil Aston Martin is just as stylish as the car itself, but is much easier to wrap. Plus, you could argue whether a toy with an ejection seat, retractable tire cutters, and revolving number plates is really a toy. What’s not up for debate though is that this Playmobil Aston Martin DB5 is a fantastic gift for young and older Bond fans alike.

A Gift to Remember

Classic, cool, and stylish – just a few words to describe the man himself and these gifts for any enthusiast. So, whether your beloved 007 fan dreams of sipping martinis or saving the world, we’re sure there is something here that will elevate their ultimate Bond experience.

Stylishly Yours,

Lucas Arnoldussen

Lucas is, in short, a small-plate cooking, watch-loving, frequently swimming, slightly dandy-esque, Amsterdam born, has-been Rock star. And a writer, of course. He studied bass guitar at the conservatory of Amsterdam. There he formed a heavy metal band of which his father accurately described the music of as ‘noise’. He played the biggest festivals and was able to tour the world. Now, his day-to-day work is still writing, but this time it’s words instead of music. From conceiving compelling campaigns for renowned brands to writing children’s books about learning to ride a bike: his creativity now channels through his pen. He loves that he’s able to add men’s style to his range now, because after work hours, that is one his passions. Tailored suits, intricate watches, well-balanced dishes at fine restaurants and mixing that perfect negroni cocktail: they’re all part of his enjoyed art forms.

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