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The Glenrothes Releases 36 Year Old Scotch With NFT

May 2nd, 2022

A Limited Release With Exclusive Perks

I’ve been extremely fortunate over the years to have experienced a healthy pour of many truly amazing spirits. And I was honored to have recently had the opportunity to add another very rare and intriguing whisky to that list. Last week at the Inn at Irving Place in New York City, a small group gathered for an intimate tasting of The Glenrothes 36 Year Old Single Cask Scotch whisky. It’s a limited release with and comes with an exclusive NFT that unlocks global perks for lucky owners. What’s that all about? Let’s discuss.

About The Glenrothes 36 Single Cask Scotch Whisky

glenrothes 36 year old release

Like all Glenrothes Exclusive Single Cask releases, The Glenrothes 36 Year Old aged patiently at the distillery’s on-site cooperage in a sherry-seasoned refill hogshead cask. “This individual cask was identified years ago as something special. When it reached 36 years, the liquid was considered optimal in terms of its maturation and flavor development,” said Laura Rampling, Master Whisky Maker for The Glenrothes.

“This wonderful liquid has all the typical fruity character of The Glenrothes as well as notes of fresh almonds which are often apparent in our older editions. There is also a unique fragrance to it, including hints of rose oil and gentle spice, which are a product of its aging in this particular cask.” We’ve got a full accounting of the tasting experience later on in the article.

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An NFT In Collaboration With Illustrator Maddie Dai

Maddie Dai Glenrothes 36 NFT illustration

To further enhance the experience of The Glenrothes 36 Year Old Single Cask Scotch whisky, the bottle comes with an exclusive NFT illustration by Maddie Dai. Maddie Dai’s black and white etch – which pays homage to the iconic New Yorker style – transforms through unexpected moments where Scotland and New York come to life. A once-static image will surprise whisky lovers with subtle movements that reveal special elements found in Maddie’s art. Furthermore, Maddie’s monochrome sketch will be enhanced through strokes of color highlighting both the whisky and the two worlds that inspired its creation.

“The Glenrothes is a hidden gem among single malt Scotch whiskies, one with a storied background, prized by those who care to look beyond the norm and understand the rewards that can follow,” said Gregory Cozzolino, Marketing Director of Breakthrough Brands at Edrington. “This release embodies the ethos of what it means to explore beyond what is expected and cherish a deeper perspective, by starting with a complex, beautifully balanced whisky, then inviting exploration of a bigger world that bridges The Glenrothes and New York City through the vessel of an NFT that our innovative founders undoubtedly would have embraced.”

The Glenrothes NFT will live on the forward-thinking Solana, one of the most sustainable blockchains in the market. The NFT experience not only compliments the value of the limited 36-year-old bottle of whisky, but offers a unique opportunity for purchasers to delve deeper into the story of The Glenrothes distillery. To further be immersed in The Glenrothes world, owners of the NFT will also have the opportunity to attend rare and exclusive real-life experiences in New York City and across the globe, including the potential to tour the distillery – which traditionally has been closed to visitors.

The Glenrothes 36 Tasting Notes

the glenrothes 36 in a tasting glass

I’m very familiar with The Glenrothes portfolio — in fact, the 18 Year Old expression is a staple on my bar cart.  But, honestly, what can you say about the 36 Year Old? It’s a bit hard to describe a whisky as interesting as this but I’ll certainly try.

Starting with the aroma. As you might expect from The Glenrothes, your senses are greeted first with a fruity character. Ripe peaches are quite present with additional hints of candied peel, sweet ground ginger, fresh almonds, and a hint of rose oil fragrance. That fruity character continues as you taste the whisky — tropical fruits and orange zest is balanced against a subtle vanilla sweetness, light oak, and gentle spice. The finish is richly sweet as the fruit notes persist and remain gently fragrant.

One very interesting thing to note — at least from my palate — is that although The Glenrothes 36 is 41.4% alcohol by volume (ABV), the initial aroma as well as the bite and snap it possesses on the first sip definitely suggests a higher, almost overproof, strength. I had to do a double-take of the bottle make sure we weren’t, in fact, drinking some overproof stuff. Far from taking away from the experience and enjoyment, this sensation invited me to savor the whisky in my mouth longer, as one might with a cask strength expression.

Where To Buy & Price

The Glenrothes 36 Year Old 1978 Single Cask #3631 has an suggested retail price of $3,600 and is available at select fine spirits retailers across the U.S. and online exclusively through

Photo Report From The Release Event

The Glenrothes 36 Year Old Single Cask release event took place at the Inn at Irving Place in the Gramercy Park neighborhood of Manhattan. Guests were treated not only to a tasting of the new release, but also two signature cocktails as well as other expressions from The Glenrothes portfolio. After the release and tasting, guests moved to the garden before being ushered back into the Inn’s common area for live jazz and savory hors d’ouevres.

Guests grabbing tasting glasses of The Glenrothes 36 year old single cask

The program of the glenrothes 36 release event

Guests admiring the bottle

A guest sniffs the glenrothes 36 single cask

A guest admiring the NFT illustration by Maddie Dai of The New Yorker

The bar at the Inn at Irving Place

Pouring a cocktail at The Glenrothes 36 release event

Guests were treated to live jazz music at the glenrothes 36 release event

Photography by Amy Anaiz.

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