Add a touch of luxe for under $100 bucks

Choosing a gift for a style-conscious guy can be pretty difficult. Actually, let’s just call it what it is: an arduous task.


Because men who are into style are typically extremely picky–er, discerning…–know exactly what they want, have everything already, or have such outlandish tastes that a normal human being on a normal budget can’t possibly think of satisfying.

It is possible to shop for this guy though. Trust us.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of five unique gift ideas that scream sophistication and luxury–all for under $100.


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Best Gift Ideas Under $100

We know what you’re thinking: can something under $100 actually be considered a luxury item?

Yes, it can.

Luxury is so much more than just a price tag. It’s craftsmanship. It’s heritage. It’s the values embraced by the brand. It’s a commitment to quality. It’s a feeling of nostalgia. And the latter, in particular, is something that is hard to put a price on.

Luxury is in the eye of the beholder, to a certain extent. And our top five gift ideas under $100 definitely fit the description.

1. Diptyque Feu de Bois Candle

Diptyque Feu de Bois Candle

In the world of high-end candles, Diptyque continues to rank among the best. They’re known for exceptional quality, exquisite design, and for never having used any synthetic materials. Expensive? For a candle, some may say they are. However, Diptyque is not nearly as expensive as Cire Trudon and is arguably similar–if not, higher–quality.

Diptyque’s Feu de Bois candle is a portable fireplace for any room of your home. It possesses an intoxicating smoky and woody scent that fills the air with warmth and nostalgia. We’ve been a fan for nearly a decade. And it’s worth every penny.

2. Ralph Lauren Garrett Cocktail Picks

Ralph Lauren Garrett Cocktail Picks

We feel that making a drink at home is an occasion. So why not make it a special occasion?

Long celebrated for a distinctly American take on classic men’s style, Ralph Lauren’s good taste extends into the home as well.

These esquestrian-themed cocktail picks are part of the Garrett collection that is unassumingly refined, elegant, and “very Ralph.”

Made of brass and housed in a handsome canvas and leather case, they make a great addition to any man’s home bar.

3. Bialetti Moka Express

Bialetti Moka Express Coffee Maker

There are lots of ways to make coffee in the morning. And believe us–we’ve tried them all.

Chemex pour over. Aeorpress. Nespresso. Good ‘ol Mr. Coffee. High-end espresso machine.

All perfectly acceptable. And all with their own pros and cons.

Generally, men of style like to explore all there is to offer. Think of all the different styles of tailoring, types of shoes, ways to tie a tie. And it’s natural that that curiosity would extend to other areas of life as well, including coffee.

The Bialetti Moka Express is the gold (cast aluminum, actually) standard for stovetop coffee makers. What you get is a very European style cup of coffee–not as strong as espresso, but stronger than your typical American cup.

The perfect way to start your morning in style.

4. James Bond Playmobil Set

James Bond Playmobil Set

When we stumbled upon this Playmobil set, we were kind of like: GTFO! When you talk about trying to find gifts for the man who has everything, this represents a goldmine.

If you’re of a certain age, you no doubt remember Playmobil from back in the day. Next to Transformers, G.I. Joe, and He-Man it was the thing to have.

This version brings the third Bond film–Goldfinger–to a tabletop (or bookshelf) near you. It features Bond’s famous Aston Martin DB5 complete with a license plate that flips along with a cast of characters including James Bond himself, Auric Goldfinger, Oddjob, and an extra henchman for good measure.

A must-have for any Bond fan.

5. La Compagnie du Kraft Leather Notebook

la compagnie du kraft leather notebook

Here at He Spoke Style, we’re constantly brainstorming new and creative and ways to bring you the best original men’s style content online, which is why we love a good notebook. If all of those ideas didn’t get written down, chances are they’d be forgotten – hey, we’ve all been there at one time or another and you know just how ridiculously frustrating that can be.

La Compagnie du Kraft’s leather notebook is our notebook of choice. Made of shrunken leather from the Aveyron region of France, the notebook comes with brass binding screws and white lined paper. Additionally, you’ll find a kraft folder at the back of the notebook – perfect for storing cocktail napkins containing the great ideas you dreamed up over drinks with an associate that night you, unfortunately, forgot your notebook at the office.

But the best part? It’s refillable, meaning the leather cover will acquire a wonderful patina over many years of faithful use.

Any other gift ideas you suggest? Let us know in the comments.


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