A simple guide for folding a suit for travel

There are many ways to pack a suit when you are traveling. If you are like us and prefer to stick to one bag – a small suitcase, carry-on or duffle bag – you’re going to have to fold your suit. Keeping it neat and wrinkle-free is always the chief concern. Here is our preferred method for folding a suit for travel

The step-by-step:

1. Lay the jacket flat and button it up.

2. Flip over.

3. Fold one shoulder over until it meets the middle of the jacket and bring the rest of that side of the jacket in line.

4. Adjust the sleeve so it lays directly over the fold you just made.

5. Repeat steps three and four with the other side of the jacket.

6. Fold the pants in half lengthwise. Then once again.

7. Place the pants on top of the folded jacket shoulders.

8. Fold the jacket in half so the pants are nested inside.

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Will this suit folding method prevent wrinkles?

The short answer is, no. Any time you fold something – whether it’s a suit, jacket, pants or dress shirt – and place it in a suitcase, carry-on or duffle bag, you are going to incur some wrinkles. There is simply no way around it. However, this method will certainly help reduce wrinkles, especially if you don’t overpack your bags.

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