| WEARING | Down parka c/o Moose Knuckles, Vintage Yves Saint Laurent Suit, Al Bazar shirt, Brooks Brothers tie, Timex watch, J.Crew belt, Chelsea boots c/o Jack Erwin

If you believe what they’re predicting about this year’s winter, it’s going to be a harsh, cold, and snowy one. Serious cold calls for a serious coat and nothing will keep you quite as warm and deliver some serious heat like a down parka.

Moose Knuckles Down Parka - He Spoke Style

Though you can find dressier looking down parkas, the majority of them tend to be rugged, sporty, and technical garments. Don’t let that deter you from wearing one with business attire. Just like adding tailored elements to casual dress, pairing sportier items with a suit keeps it interesting and unconventional.

Most quality down parkas will have a detachable hood. I personally always wear it with the hood attached. I like the silhouette the hood creates and, if it’s cold enough for me to be wearing a parka, you can bet that I’m going to be using that hood!

Moose Knuckles Down Parka - He Spoke Style

Additionally, I’ve never been a big beanie fan. I just don’t think they look that good on me, plus they’re not the best hat option for my hairstyle. A hood does the same job – if not better, since it covers my face to some degree – and keeps my hair from getting matted down.

You know how I feel about combining black and brown. Of all the unwritten style “rules,” I find the one that forbids these two colors together one of the more ridiculous ones.

Moose Knuckles Down Parka - He Spoke Style

Moose Knuckles Down Parka - He Spoke Style

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