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denim shirt outfit ideas 2020
denim shirt outfit ideas 2020

10 Ways To Wear A Denim Shirt

February 26th, 2020

One Denim Shirt, 10 Looks

When someone asks for my opinion on what’s lacking in their style, oftentimes what I say is a lack of creativity. As men, we are often overwhelmed by choices and one of the biggest problems that men encounter is not utilizing what they already own.

If you’ve learned nothing from the last 7+ years of He Spoke Style, it is that more is not necessarily the answer. Knowing how to utilize a garment as simple as a denim shirt can exponentially improve your style when it is worn differently.

Brian has always had great style, but I’m always thoroughly impressed by the way he pairs something as simple as this classic shirt with damn near everything. Below we’ll take a look at 10 different ways he’s worn a denim shirt.

1. Denim Layered

denim shirt outfit ideas 2020
A denim shirt makes for a great layering piece. Here, Brian is wearing his denim shirt under a grey cashmere cable-knit sweater. Worn with a patterned blazer, he keeps the rest of his look subdued with a solid pair of navy trousers.

2. Casual and Cool

denim shirt outfit ideas 2020

Looking to wear your suits more casually? The right denim shirt can make a stylish statement with your workhorse suits. Here, Brian pairs his denim shirt with a navy hopsack suit. It looks relaxed, comfortable and best of all, easy.

3. Light Weight

denim shirt outfit ideas 2020

Not all denim shirts are created equal. Warm weather can sometimes present a challenge when dressing for spring and summer. Finding a work appropriate option that both looks great and keeps you cool is important.

4. Dressed Down

denim shirt outfit ideas 2020

Dressing down a formal garment, like a double-breasted suit, can be challenging for some. If you’re looking to make your double-breasted suit more casual, try pairing it with a classic denim shirt. Think of it as a weekly replacement for your standard dress shirt.

5. Mixing Tailored and Casual

denim shirt outfit ideas 2020

Sometimes it’s about finding the perfect mix of casual and tailored pieces. The denim shirt gives you a range of options when it comes to dressing down your tailored clothing. Here, Brian shows us how to mix and match different colors and textures and create a look that’s refined, yet relaxed.

6. Off-Duty

denim shirt outfit ideas 2020

Known as the ultimate “convertible” shirt, a denim shirt can make something as simple as a pair of white denim and a suede coat look good. As the weather warms up, the denim shirt really starts to shine as a go-to spring staple, perfect for any casual look.

7. First Date Denim

denim shirt outfit ideas 2020

Never overdressed, but completely approachable, Brian is wearing a denim shirt for a date look. Sometimes being too dressed up can make others feel too casual. The denim shirt is the happy medium to remove some of the formality of wearing a jacket.

8. Denim Dressed Down

denim shirt outfit ideas 2020

Are you looking too corporate it with your suit? Try pairing it with something more casual. Here, Brian dresses down this earthy toned suit by combining it with his everyday denim shirt.

9. Pattern Play

denim shirt outfit ideas 2020

A pattern jacket is a great alternative to a blue blazer. Even better, pair it with a denim shirt. Wearing Here, Brian is shows you how to wear multiple colors, by letting the jacket do the work and keeping the rest simple.

10. Double Denim for Spring

denim shirt outfit ideas 2020

Before you say no one should ever wear a Canadian tuxedo, take a look at this. Your denim shirt is the perfect alternative to a traditional blue button-up. Wear it with a blue blazer and white denim and you’ve got an easy-going look that can be worn all spring.

Thanks for reading.

Stylishly Yours,

Steven D. Elliott
He Spoke Style

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