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10 Ways To Do Business Casual This Fall

September 30th, 2016

Outfit ideas that strike a balance

As business casual month draws to a close today, here are 10 HSS-certified business casual looks for fall.

1. Business Casual Cool

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If you’ve got some room to play around – or you just want to set the style standard at your workplace – consider a denim jacket as an alternative to a traditional blazer. Obviously, this would just be as outerwear for the commute and not something you’d wear around the office all day. And go with a pair of killer kicks to complete the look.

2. Simply Classic

fall business casual outfit ideas men 2016

If you’ve been following along at home all month, you know that business casual is all about substitution, subtraction and judicious additions. This look falls into the substitution category. A knit tie and denim shirt in place of a traditional button-up and silk tie tones down the formality but keeps it looking classic.

3. The Extra Mile

mens silk scarf business casual accessory

Menswear is all about the details and well-appointed accessories. If you plan to go sans tie, throw on a simple silk scarf to easily elevate the look.

4. The Casual Cardigan

fall business casual outfit ideas men 2016

File this under Casual Friday. This is such a simple look, I think it’s easy to overlook or overthink when you’re in your daily routine. Remember that investing in great basics will always pay you back.

5. Jeans Acceptable

fall business casual outfit ideas men 2016

Not everyone will agree 1) that jeans look “right” with a blazer and tie and 2) that they’re acceptable as business casual attire. But if you do happen to agree, this could be a good look for you.

6. The Alternate Blazer

fall business casual outfit ideas men 2016

If you’re not feeling the blazer and a denim jacket is a little too fashion forward, substitute a cardigan instead.

7. Classic With a Twist

fall business casual outfit ideas men 2016

While vastly overused and one of our all-time least favorite menswear “categories”, there really is no other way to describe what a gingham shirt does to an otherwise classic outfit.

8. Soft & Stylish

fall business casual outfit ideas men 2016

A turtleneck is a great substitute for a shirt and tie. Soft, stylish and sophisticated.

9. Tie Optional

fall business casual outfit ideas men 2016

For a Friday that includes after work activities like cocktails with colleagues or a first date, lose the tie and trade your trousers for a pair of “in-between” dress pants.

10. Layered Sweater

fall business casual outfit ideas men 2016

Don’t forget the v-neck sweater! In a fair isle pattern layered under a plaid blazer is a perfect fall combination.

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