Add a splash of panache to your business casual look

One of the great things about menswear, is that the formula for dressing up and looking good is pretty basic. Blazer, shirt, tie, pants, shoes. Repeat. Pretty simple, right?

As a result of that simplicity, there are tons of choices you can make within that framework. Knowing how to navigate the plethora of options and intricacies with style and grace is the mark of someone who’s done his homework and has “lived” with menswear for a fair amount of time.

The best way to tweak an outfit to fit into a particular mold, is to focus on one item and work within those confines.

Since we’ve been doing business casual all month, let’s stick with that theme and since we’ve done a lot on dress shirts recently, let’s focus on the shirt.

brown gingham shirt mens


| WEARING | Blazer c/o Tommy Hilfiger, Neiman Marcus shirt, PT01 pants, Gitman Bros. tie, Cartier watch, Drake’s pocket square, Tod’s shoes | PHOTOGRAPHY | by Rob McIver Photo

What makes a gingham shirt perfect for a business casual look? It’s got a informal feel and the checked pattern adds a bit of playfulness to classic styling, like a navy blazer and grey pants.

DID YOU KNOW? Gingham was originally a striped pattern.

If you find yourself wearing lots of blues and greys, like me, look for a gingham shirt in a light brown check with a spread collar. It’s versatile, will complement pretty much anything you’ve got in your closet and looks a little less sporty than a blue check.

brown gingham shirt mens

brown gingham shirt mens

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