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The Best Shoes To Wear With Your Summer Suit

June 15th, 2017

Three options for any day or situation

It’s summer, and you’ve officially switched your suiting to fit the season. Gone are your flannels and thicker wools, and you’re all stocked up on cotton, linen, and tropical wool tailoring. You might have even gone in on some lightweight dress shirts, some cotton ties, you name it. So what’s the final piece keeping you from nailing that summer vibe?

Chances are, it’s your shoes. While it’s tempting to keep your tried and true leather oxfords and brogues through all four seasons, there are some seriously stylish – and far more seasonal options – that will be a much better fit.

So what are the best shoes for summer suiting? We think it comes down to three fail safe options. Here they are.

1. Suede Bucks

best shoes summer suit

First is a pair of suede bucks. This will be your standard dress shoe replacement – something about the nap of suede just screams summer to me. Plus, with snow out of the picture, wearing suede becomes far less risky.

You’ve got some flexibility too. A darker shade with leather soles will be more appropriate for darker suits and more conservative dress codes, while lighter colors with rubber soles will even further embrace the seasonal vibe.

Our Pick: Frye Sam Derby

2. Loafers

best shoes summer suit

Next is a loafer. True, a loafer isn’t anything groundbreaking, and may well be part of your year-round rotation already. That said, if you’re embracing the no-sock summer look, a sockless loafer style really lets those ankles breathe.

The trick to keeping a loafer from looking too old man-ish, for lack of a better term, is to keep your trousers slim and your break minimal. Grab a pair of no-show socks to keep your foot sweat from stinking up your loafer of choice and you’re good to go.

Our Pick: Paul Smith Glynn Suede Penny Loafers

3. White Sneakers

Last, try a clean, white sneaker. It’s understandable to be resistant to the sneakers and suit combo, but a white sneaker and a summer suit is by far the most universally accepted way to do it without breaking too many dress codes.

As long as you don’t try it in a strict dress code, you’ll surprise yourself with just how sharp a sneaker can look with a tailored outfit. It’s a surprisingly versatile look, dressy enough for a lunch with a client, or casual enough to take to brunch on a weekend.

Our Pick: Common Projects Original Achilles Leather Sneakers

Your footwear choices can make or break a good outfit, and are truly the finishing touches of any suited look. If you’re trying to embrace some seriously seasonal attire, these three options are must-haves!

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