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When I get asked to describe my personal style, I always give the same answer: classic with a modern sensibility. And while my style has always been deeply rooted in the classics, I’ve done a fair amount of experimenting over the years, though never straying too far from home base. If you’ve read HSS for a while you’ve seen my occasional forays into different areas – some more successful and others more forgettable. I’ll be the first to admit it.

However, over the past couple of years, I’ve really settled in and become extremely comfortable with the story I tell with my clothing. I don’t wear a suit simply because it’s on trend. I wear a suit – or a classic blazer and trousers combo – because I like how it looks on me, because I like the way it makes me feel and because, well, it’s me.

allen edmonds mcallister review

I’m also incredibly loyal to the brands that I love. Again, regular HSS readers know that I’m extremely fond of Allen Edmonds shoes. And for good reason. They’re incredibly classic. They’re high-quality. And the quality you get is available at a handsome price point.

Over the years I’ve acquired a fair number of different styles, from my perennial summer favorite (though sadly discontinued) Grand Cayman, to my walnut Strands, the Fifth Avenue Cap Toe, the Grayson tassel loafer and, of course, the pair I’m wearing here, the classic McAllister wingtip. Let’s actually talk a little bit about the wingtip.

allen edmonds mcallister review

| WEARING | Ring Jacket suit, Michael Andrews Bespoke shirt, Seaward & Stearn x HSS tie, Rolex watch, Allen Edmonds McAllister wingtips | PHOTOGRAPHY | by Rob McIver Photo

Historically, wingtips have been seen as a more casual shoe. While they’re certainly not sneakers, the broguing along with the sometimes two-tone leather definitely makes them a little less somber than a cap toe or wholecut oxford. While we could debate the finer points of the wingtip’s formality, there’s one thing that is not up for debate, and that is that the wingtip is a very versatile shoe.

It’s true. A pair of wingtips looks just as at home with a double-breasted suit as they do with a pair of slim dark denim. There is one thing you do need to pay attention to, however: the color. A dark brown, walnut or oxblood wingtip shoe will be infinitely more versatile from business to casual than a black pair.

allen edmonds mcallister review

Now, if you’ve looked at Allen Edmonds in the past and felt like they were just out of reach in terms of price, I have to tell you that now is an incredible time to think about picking up a pair. Why? Well, we’re currently in the midst of the Allen Edmonds Rediscover America Sale. What that means is until October 24, many of AE’s best-selling shoes like the McAllister or the Fifth Avenue can be had at a savings of up to $150. Honestly, if you’re an Allen Edmonds fan, this is the sale you look forward to every year.

allen edmonds mcallister review

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