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A Vintage Win: YSL Three-Piece

I know there are some people who swear by thrifting and vintage shopping. I’m not one of them. It’s not that I don’t like doing the vintage thing, it’s just that I’ve never really had much luck. Part of the reason is that I’ve got a relatively smaller build. At 5’9″, 140lbs, and a 36″ chest, it’s rare that I’ll find a garment that fits. And when you’re talking about suits, there’s nothing you can really do if the shoulders and chest don’t fit other than look like you’re wearing a suit that’s too big, which is worth several thumbs down emoticons. However, when I was in LA this summer, I got extremely lucky.

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Style? There’s an App for That

Very excited to announce that we’ve got an app! I know that a large portion of the traffic the site receives comes via mobile, so we wanted to enhance and optimize that experience as well as provide some other exciting features. Not only does the app make it very easy to navigate between posts with a simple swipe, it also allows you to click through links in my Instagram posts. Finally, right? Especially nice because you can now sign up to receive links straight to your inbox to many of the items in my Instagram posts.

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Discuss: Designer Aesthetic v. Personal Tailoring

Without fail, any time I decide to publish a look with one of my Brooks Brothers Black Fleece blazers, there are some people who love it, and some who hate it. Recently, one of my most ardent and prolific critics on Instagram left the following comment on this photo: “Jacket and sleeves too short, button stance too high, making everything look unbalanced.” I pointed out that other than his final critique, he’d just described the Thom Browne aesthetic to a T. There will always be a gap between a designer’s vision and our own personal tailoring ideal. When is it okay to let go of tailored “perfection” in place of a designer’s aesthetic? Let’s talk about it.

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Ask HSS, Ep. 4: DIY Shoe Trees

I love talking travel: travel style tips, travel packing tips, best practices for a smooth check in at the airport, and so on. I’ve covered those bases, but there are always so many more travel tips to talk about. In this week’s episode of Ask He Spoke Style, I share one of my all-time favorite travel packing tips/hacks—a formula for some DIY shoe trees.

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