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LA Diary

As I mentioned, since I didn’t have a “proper” vacation planned this year, I decided at the last minute to take a trip out to LA. Going somewhere without a plan (or, more specifically, doing anything without a plan) isn’t really my style, but in this case, I decided to go with it. So, armed with a handful of recommendations and a vague sense of what I was going to do, I hopped on a plane for the City of Angels. Here’s a recap of some of the stuff I did, people I saw, places I went, and a few of the restaurants and bars I checked out.

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Summer Layers

Layering is something we usually reserve for spring, fall, and winter. And honestly, it’s probably the last style-related item on anyone’s mind during the summertime. Keep the layers light, though, and it’s something that can work.

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My opinion about eyeglass frames has evolved over the years. I used to be very much a one-frame kind of guy. I liked the idea that your frames defined you and your style to a certain extent. It wasn’t uncommon for me to wear the same frames for five, six, or seven years straight, only changing them when it was time for a new prescription. And when it came time for that, I always enjoyed the thrill of searching for something unique that I could claim as my own.

These days, however, I’m much more open to having a few different pairs to suit my mood or outfit. I currently have three different frames. My Bellagios I’ve had the longest. I got my Persols back in October, which I generally reserve for more serious looks or when I want to make a statement. And my Tom Fords are the most recent addition. Somebody told me that they make me look a lot smarter. Ha. Thanks, buddy! How about you? Are you a one frame kind of guy or do you like to switch it up?

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LA Packing List

Though I didn’t have any big vacation plans this summer, last week I decided to take an impromptu trip to LA. With no real plan other than to hit the beach, say hello to my manager, meet up with a friend or two, and just wander and explore, it was a pretty low key visit. Here are some things that made it into my suitcase.

Men’s Style Blog Men’s Style Guide Menswear Fashion Travel Lifestyle Cocktails Grooming He Spoke Style

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