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1 Piece/5 Ways: Brown Three-Piece Suit

When building a suit wardrobe, always start with the basics – a solid navy and charcoal grey should be every guy’s first and/or second suit. Once you’ve got those bases covered, think about expanding. Your third suit is a good one to begin thinking about patterns, like plaid or pinstripes. But if you want to stay with a solid color, consider brown. It’s surprisingly versatile, and now that it’s fall, perfect for the season. Here, I’ve rounded up five ways to wear a brown three-piece suit.

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A Lightweight Outerwear Alternative: Chunky Shawl Cardigan

One of the trends this fall, for me, at least, has been to actively seek out outerwear solutions that aren’t my regular blazers or jackets. Many of my coats are a little too heavy for this time in between seasons and sometimes I’m in the mood for something other than a blazer. The “shacket” has been a great lightweight outerwear alternative and here’s another: the chunky shawl collar cardigan.

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Get Rich Quick: Jewel Tones for Fall

Any conversation about the elements of fall style will likely focus on a few key things: layering, fabrics, and textures. Certainly some of my favorite fall style components, but let’s talk about something usually reserved for discussions about foliage: color. And, more specifically, jewel tones. There’s nothing sharper in the fall than the addition of some rich jewel tones. Here’s one way to incorporate them into your look.

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Ask HSS, Ep. 7: Fit and Online Ordering

Ordering online is extremely convenient, but can sometimes be tricky, especially when it comes to fit. In this week’s episode of Ask He Spoke Style, we talk about a few different online ordering scenarios as they relate to getting the right fit.

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