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Boss Navy

There is no color more versatile in menswear than navy. As a foundation for any look from casual to business to formal, nothing will give you a bigger bang for your buck. With a suit, it’s a blank canvas for any number of shirt/tie/pocket square combinations. And for casual attire, a pair of slim dark denim is the basis for countless looks. Basically, you can’t go wrong. Ever. But how about all navy? I’ve done it before last winter, but here’s a look for now or any time you’re feeling like making a monochromatic statement.

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I lose things at home all the time. Keys, wallet, sunglasses, and so on, which in turn causes me to lose my mind. If this is something that happens to you as well, you know how terrible that frantic feeling is. To help remedy this problem, I’ve decided to start training myself to put everything in one spot—the same spot—every time I come home. As soon as I walk in the door, everything in my pockets goes in the catchall on the stand in the entryway. So far, it’s been working.

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Ask HSS: Hair Styling

I am really excited to finally get this video series off the ground. It’s something I’ve wanted to dive into for a while now, though there were a few barriers to producing something on a regular basis. Fast forward to the present and one DIY light kit, a high-quality shotgun mic, a great soundtrack courtesy of my good friend Adrian Hernandez, and a crash course in Premiere Pro (thanks, Jared) later, and here we are.

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Cuff Links: Show Some Personality

Though it’s just about time to swap summer-weight fabrics for those more fitting for fall, I wanted to wring one more look out of my seersucker suit. From summer wedding to business to suit separates, I’ve dedicated the past couple of weeks to showing off its versatility. So before this suit is retired for the season, here’s a nod to classic style with a little bit of a personal touch via some interesting cuff links.

Men’s Style Blog Men’s Style Guide Menswear Fashion Grooming Travel Cocktails Lifestyle He Spoke Style

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