| WEARING | Woolrich arctic parka, Double-breasted blazer c/o Reiss, Uniqlo shirt, Yves Saint Laurent pants, Gitman Bros. tie, Timex watch, Shoes c/o Allen Edmonds | PHOTOGRAPHY | by Rob McIver Photo

Serious cold, like we’ve been having here recently, calls for a serious coat. A big down parka isn’t something you’ll wear all the time, but when the temperature really plunges, you’ll be happy you have one in your closet. Here’s one way to wear it.

Woolrich Arctic Parka - He Spoke Style

I came by this coat out of pure necessity. A couple weeks ago when I was up in NYC for the weekend, I seriously underestimated how cold it was and did not pack an appropriate coat. I was shivering my ass off in Soho, but found myself in front of the relatively brand new Woolrich store on Wooster St. So I walked in, found the first one in my size – which happened to be this beautiful brown number – and made it mine. The rest of the day was beautiful. Cold? What cold?

A high-quality down parka is something of an investment. And like all pieces you’re going to drop some serious coin on, you’ll want it to be versatile. So when it comes to color, think neutral. Black and navy are obvious choices, and also the most ubiquitous. I chose brown because it was the only color available in my size, but I like how it stands out as something just left of the usual while still working well from casual to dressed up.

Woolrich Arctic Parka - He Spoke Style

Woolrich Arctic Parka - He Spoke Style

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