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Wider Lapels, Vintage Shopping & The Colognes of the Iconically Stylish

February 20th, 2017

Hit the ground running this Monday with all the menswear news we think you need to know

On Friday, He Spoke Style celebrated our four-year anniversary with a live Facebook Q&A! Did you watch? Did you like it? Do you want more? Let us know what you want to see during future episodes in the comment section. And be sure to watch until the end to hear one exciting new venture for the team in the coming months.

We talk a lot about what new pieces to invest in. Here’s a list just as important, on which pieces have a bit more “something” when purchased second-hand. Brian can attest to the last one, having scored a barely-worn Burberry Brit trench at NYC’s INA.

When you do go thrifting, remember, sometimes the experience is fulfilling even without a purchase.

Stella McCartney (yes, Paul’s daughter) has been making waves in womenswear for over a decade now. Now she’s looking to conquer menswear.

Since it’s the “Year Of the Gentleman” here at HSS, let’s chat more about it:

Grooming is key for a gentleman. Here are 12 habits of impeccably-groomed men.

As No. 3 from the previous list states, impeccably groomed iconic men all have a signature scent (great article, Gentleman’s Journal!).

Our good friend Aleks Cvetkovic is launching a new men’s luxury magazine next month called The Jackal.

J.Crew’s signature Ludlow suit jacket got an overdue update – wider lapels.

The lost art of shoemaking, with the last emperor, Yohei Fukuda.

In which we ask, are shoes really a “gateway drug”?

Thanks, as always, for reading.

Stylishly Yours,

Robin West
He Spoke Style

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