What denim-related topics do you want to see covered on HSS this month?

In a world where it seems like we are bombarded with #NationalWhateverDays just about every day of the week, we thought we’d try something new editorially-speaking on HSS and proclaim April to be Denim Month.

What does this mean?

Well, for one, during denim-themed April we’re planning a number of denim-themed articles. So look for denim-themed contributions to the Style Defined series, The Guide, advice section (you know there are posts there that don’t show up in the main feed, right?), as well as in the usual style editorial.


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Is everything we post going to be about denim?

Absolutely not. That’d be pretty boring. (Or extremely informative!) No, we’ll continue to publish regularly about other relevant topics as well. Identifying a month-long subject to focus on seemed like a fun editorial experiment. We’ll see how it goes. What do you think about the idea?

And then?

Here’s where you come in. This is your chance to let us know what denim-related topics you would like to see us cover this month. So chime in below with your requests!

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Happy Denim Month!

Thanks for reading.

Stylishly Yours,

Brian Sacawa
He Spoke Style

Featured image via Jack Jones Blog. Jeans on chair photograph by Rob McIver Photo.


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