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It’s Not Too Early: Linen at Work

April 18th, 2016

When life’s a beach you wear a linen blazer and linen trousers to work.

In a month we’ve devoted to denim, it might seem premature to be bringing up subject of linen. But if we’ve learned anything about transitions, it’s that they are unpredictable – not to mention, being notoriously hard to adapt to.

Also, unless your workplace is cool with the sharp casual dress code, you’re not going to be sporting your best pair of selvedge denim jeans to office.

Tailored linen, on the other hand, is perfect for work on those warmer days. Here’s a springtime office outfit idea featuring a linen blazer and linen trousers.

mens linen trousers

As you know, a navy blazer is the one garment that every guy needs to own. However, as much as we like to discuss the Perfect Navy Blazer, there really is no such thing.

First of all, four season fabrics are a myth. No one fabric can be perfect all year round. Secondly, a navy blazer – even paired with dark denim – can sometimes come off a little more formal that you’d like.

mens linen trousers

| WEARING | Suitsupply blazer and shirt, Saks Fifth Avenue pants, Drake’s tie, Rolex Datejust watch, Oliver Peoples sunglasses, To Boot New York shoes | PHOTOGRAPHY | by Rob McIver Photo

And therein lies two of the great joys of menswear – the countless fabrics and weaves as well as the endless variations of color within one hue. I generally go darker in the fall and winter and lighter in the spring and summer.

Linen pants sometimes get a bad rap – they’re seen as baggy numbers with drawstrings that you wear as loungewear around the pool. A good pair of tailored linen trousers changes that game.

If you’ve reserved some money from your tax refund for made to measure clothing, consider investing in two or three pairs of linen trousers instead of a suit.

Building up a dedicated collection of separates will complement and expand the possibilities of your already versatile suit wardrobe.

mens linen trousers

Your neckwear should match the texture – that visual “feel” – of the pieces you pair it with. A shiny silk tie with this blazer and pants combo would stick out like a sore thumb. Choose one with a rougher texture.

mens linen trousers

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Brian Sacawa
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