With all the combinations and styling possibilities a three-piece suit provides, I find it interesting that I wear the full three pieces together the least. It could be that it’s the easiest to put together and I like the challenge of breaking the suit into separates and finding ways to mix them with other pieces in my wardrobe. Nevertheless, there’s nothing like putting it all together. Here’s one way to wear a tweed three-piece suit.

Tweed Three-Piece Suit - He Spoke Style

A three-piece suit is generally thought of as fairly formal, which can lead to a tendency to style it in a predictable way. And while tweed often lends itself to a professorial feeling, it can be fun to take it a bit outside of that box and infuse it with a little more personality and flair. Mixing patterns and playing with color can open up entire new realms to explore.

Tweed Three-Piece Suit - He Spoke Style

Tweed Three-Piece Suit - He Spoke Style

Tweed Three Piece Suit - He Spoke Style

Tweed Three-Piece Suit - He Spoke Style

This Look: Brown donegal tweed three-piece suit by Michael Andrews Bespoke (similar jacket, pants, and waistcoat) – Brown gingham shirt by Neiman Marcus (similar here) – Burgundy tie by Brooks Brothers (not available, similar here) – Green patterned silk pocket square by Ralph Lauren (Now ON SALE) – Watch with brown leather strap by Timex – Dark brown wingtip dress boots c/o Allen Edmonds (Dalton)

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Photography by Rob McIver Photo.


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