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Transition Essentials: The Rugby Shirt

A rugby shirt is a great piece to start working into your wardrobe as summer begins to change to fall. It's perfect on its own and also serves as a great layering piece, worn over another shirt, or under a jacket or blazer. And though I'm all for dapper travel, I'm never opposed to just keeping it simple and comfortable. Here's an easy look that's perfect for a casual late-summer weekend getaway.  VIEW MORE ▶︎

The Statement Blazer, Part 2

A blazer like this one is designed to make a statement. And the statement you choose it to make with it depends largely on what you pair it with. It can definitely serve to push the boundaries in a more classic look, but it can also add a huge amount of flair and fun to a more casual look. And with a piece like this, fun is what it's all about.  VIEW MORE ▶︎

Heat Wave

It's starting to become that nasty time of year on the east coast when the combination of heat and humidity makes thinking about dressing stylishly almost a secondary concern. In my perfect world, it's always October and 60 degrees; though we all know that the world is far from perfect. Keeping it light and simple—and accessorizing strategically and tastefully—is key for me in the summer heat.  VIEW MORE ▶︎