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Abbeyhorn Horn Backed Suede Brush


Suede requires special attention, and this elegant horn-backed suede brush is specially designed to help keep a variety of suede clothing and accessories looking fresh and new.

Crafted for us by Abbeyhorn of Carnforth, England, this wonderful little brush is made from the best quality boar bristles, with brass bristles in the center, and adorned with a stunning horn back etched with the HSS monogram. The unique marbling of the horn ensures each piece is strikingly original.

The brush can be used to revive the short nap on suede material as well as helping to remove surface stains.

Size: 7/8″ x 7 1/4″ (21mm by 185mm)

Please note – All Abbeyhorn products are handmade from natural materials, leading to each product having a unique color and pattern.