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Train travel is something I’ve loved ever since I was a kid. I can still remember my first real train trip—just a short ride between my hometown, Schenectady, NY, and nearby Amsterdam, NY—which was arranged expressly for me to have the experience. It’s a good thing that I still enjoy riding the rails because it’s something that’s become much more frequent and necessary as the blog has continued to grow.

Platform - He Spoke Style

When you hit Select status on Amtrak, you know you take the train often. And with all that time on trains, you learn a thing or two about what to expect and how to make the trip most comfortable. Like, if you want to sleep on the train, find two open seats and recline yours just enough so you can rest your head on the adjacent seat.

If you need to get work done, go to the cafe car and set up shop there. I like to spread out a bit (and use a bluetooth mouse) so I and can never get anything accomplished sitting all cramped up in one of the passenger cars. Here’s a good one: AC is awesome, especially in the summer, but you can have too much of a good thing. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been freezing on the train, which is why I always pack a light sweatshirt no matter how hot it is outside. And, finally, the quiet car is your friend.

Platform - He Spoke Style

| WEARING | Uniqlo x Michael Bastian polo (last season, NEW), J.Crew chinos, Christy’s hat, Timex watch, Ray-Ban sunglasses, Bag c/o Gorjana and Griffin (old, similar HERE), 7 For All Mankind sweatshirt, Belt c/o Coach, To Boot New York loafers | PHOTOGRAPHY | by Rob McIver Photo

Platform - He Spoke Style

Platform - He Spoke Style

Are you a frequent train traveler? Any tips that you have to share?

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