This was completely unplanned, but exactly one year ago I published an almost identical look, focusing on the resurgence in popularity of the double-breasted blazer. Dedicated readers know that one of my absolute favorite things to illustrate is what I call the small changes/big impact principle. Meaning, you can make the same basic outfit give off a completely different vibe and character with just a few minor changes. How did I do it here? Look back, then read on.

Morning Stroll - He Spoke Style

First, I swapped a lightweight button down for a polo. Can you wear a polo shirt under a blazer? Sure, why not? But not all collars will hold up. A classic piqué polo, for example, won’t work. My polo, from the Uniqlo x Michael Bastian collection, holds up well with its button down collar. And the deeper placket ensures I can get get a little more air conditioning in.

Next, hat. I’ve already written fairly recently about the power of headwear to completely transform a look and its silhouette. This is a great illustration of that. Finally, shoes. A minor detail but suede gives off a much softer vibe than croc detailing.

Morning Stroll - He Spoke Style

| WEARING | Reiss blazer (old, similar HERE), Uniqlo x Michael Bastian polo, J.Crew chinos, Goorin Bros. hat (similar HERE), Ray-Ban sunglasses, Timex watch, Pocket square c/o Zegna, Loafers c/o Coach | PHOTOGRAPHY | by Rob McIver Photo

Morning Stroll - He Spoke Style

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