And four trends to try this summer

Pitti Uomo, the biannual menswear trade show in Florence, has become synonymous with the classic menswear movement. It’s got a brand of hardcore, old school uber-masculine men’s style you just don’t find at any of the other global “men’s weeks“.

Pitti has also become somewhat infamous for it’s street style. The Pitti Peacock – a distinctive breed of man who dresses as a caricature of himself, usually overly flamboyant, and tries to look important while loitering around events he probably hasn’t been invited with the sole purpose of getting his photo taken – is a very real thing and still alive and well.

best pitti uomo street style

Nonetheless, I think genuine style is easy to spot and even when it’s perhaps a little outside of your own personal style wheelhouse, there are plenty of aspects to draw inspiration from. Just as he was in London, our man Hywel Jenkins was on the ground for us shooting the style and trends of Pitti Uomo 92.

Here are four trends worth taking note of:

1. Stripes. Lots of stripes on display. What was most interesting, however, was that they weren’t confined to a single item. They made appearances on blazers, shirts, suits and, of course, ties. Were it not for the boldness of some of the stripes, it might not have been something we picked up on as a prominent feature.

best pitti uomo street style

2. Earth Tones. And not just your typical browns, though those were on display from light cream to tobacco to rust and chocolates. Most visible, however, was a color that seems to perpetually be on “colors to watch” lists, but never actually shows up in the wild. We’re talking about olive green. We saw it on the streets of Florence from shirts to suits to ties. Take note, gentleman.

3. High/Low Casual. Likely a practical choice made because of the heat at the June edition. But a great style move either way. Domenico Gianfrate nails this.

best pitti uomo street style

4. The Polo Shirt. Not super evident from our outside on the street shots here, but as we followed along inside via Instagram, we noticed the polo shirt under the blazer featuring quite prominently. It can be a difficult look to pull off because the polo shirt’s collar is not strong at all. The gentlemen at Pitti, however, overcame this weakness with a simple 1970s-esque affectation – wear the collar over the jacket lapel. Brilliant.

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Brian Sacawa
He Spoke Style

Photography by Hywel Jenkins


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