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best pitti uomo street style houndstooth
best pitti uomo street style houndstooth
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Pitti Uomo 97: Who Let the Dogs Out?

January 16th, 2020

Here’s what’s trending this winter

Pitti Uomo 97 was in Florence last week and if you’re a fan of men’s clothing, you probably were feverishly refreshing your social media feeds to an endless stream of style from the global trade show. Brian recently posted a video on the He Spoke Style YouTube talking about a few of his favorite street style looks.

Pitti is one of those events that you either love or hate. It’s certainly become much more of a “look at me” event than what it is intended to be. That being said, you can still discover a lot about upcoming trends and styles from some of the worlds best dressed men.

Over the course of the four-day event, we took notice of a bunch of interesting trends, none more apparent than the overwhelming presence of houndstooth. You know houndstooth as the check-like pattern with protruding jagged teeth. Brian has written about it pretty extensively on the site.

Here are a few things we noticed at Pitti Uomo 97:

1. No two hounds are alike. Houndstooth comes in all sizes, scales, contrasts and colors. Large scale houndstooth can be bold, while a small one, (sometimes referred to puppytooth) will look solid from a distance. We saw a ton of different variations.

best pitti uomo street style houndstooth

2. Upgrade your outerwear. Houndstooth outerwear was big in the Pitti Uomo plaza. We saw everything from ulster, raglans and belted trench coats being worn by both men and women alike. Perhaps it’s time to start saving for a houndstooth coat?

3. Accessories. You don’t need to own a sport coat or jacket to wear houndstooth. Accessories like ties and scarves were seen in a variety of different colors. Sometimes a little can go a long way.

best pitti uomo street style houndstooth

4. Patterns on patterns. While houndstooth can sometimes be bold, there was no shortage of pattern mixing going on. Attendees wearing houndstooth could also be spotted wearing patterned shirts, jackets and ties. A master class for someone looking to learn the art of mixing things up.

Tell us what you think: What did you like from Pitti Uomo 97?

Stylishly Yours,

Steven D. Elliott
He Spoke Style

Photography by Mitchell Moss, Johnathan Daniel Pryce and others

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