Trend spotting at the latest edition of London Fashion Week Men’s

The summer men’s fashion show season is now in full effect. And kicking off the calendar this past weekend was London Fashion Week Men’s. Our man, Hywel Jenkins, was on the ground in London to capture the best looks and give us a view into what’s currently trending in the world of menswear.

best london street style

As always, Fashion Week street style can be something of a mixed bag, which is a direct reflection of the smattering of different kinds of people you find at these events. There are the people who actually need to be there – the editors, the buyers, the models – and then there are those who don’t need to be there but who want to be seen. It’s pretty easy to spot who’s who.

Nevertheless, from this cross section of attendees and scenesters trends always emerge. Here are a few from London worth pointing out:

1. Linen. This should come as no surprise. Linen is, next to cotton (and, yes, wool too!), one of the best and coolest fabrics for summer. Lots of linen jackets and some great linen trousers on Mr. Gandy.

best london street style

2. Layered T-Shirts. Two different kinds of looks here. There was the classic and simple crew neck t-shirt under a blazer. And there was an edgier, lower scooping tank top t-shirt most often seen under a button-up with several buttons unbuttoned. The former is a look we fully endorse for the summer and actually have a post on that very topic scheduled for Friday.

3. The Neckerchief. I have to say that this took us a little by surprise. It’d been a while since this affectation last appeared. And when it did, it was generally more associated with the younger, street-savvy and trendy fashion set. In London it seems to have defied its age associations while also serving as a bridge between tailored and edgy. The cravat of the cool? Street style’s ascot?

Check out the slideshow for all the shots and let us know what you’re loving (or not into at all) this season. Enjoy!

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He Spoke Style

Photography by Hywel Jenkins



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